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Save Money With A Complete Technology Solutions, Built For Life Sciences

Life sciences businesses today demand financial management solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate dynamically changing business needs.


Our bespoke, and complete ERP solutions, enable life sciences to manage IT costs, optimise accounting efficiency, streamline their production operations and most importantly, eliminate manually-intensive spreadsheet-based reporting.

Our clients have reported to us the financial saving and time saving their business is making just by using a reliable and complete ERP system for their business.  With an ERP system you can reduce IT costs by half, reduce invoicing costs by up to three quarters, and speed up audit/report preparation times by almost double.


Saving time and money allows for increased production time and supply, which naturally, over time, will increase revenue.


Main Highlights of Using Complete ERP


Comprehensive Accounting and Reporting

NetSuite ERP provides you with everything you need to establish efficient processes and gain transparency in business operations.  In addition to standard general ledger functionality, flexible workflow tools to customise your processes and multi-currency support.


Financial Close Management

NetSuite ERP helps organisations streamline the close process with capabilities to manage period-end activities and to detect and respond to problems before they escalate or occur.


Effective Compliance and Controls

NetSuite ERP helps ensure compliance with various accounting standards and practices and government regulations efficiently.


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics Anywhere

Any business user can create meaningful reports with easy-to-use tools, monitor the latest results as part of everyday activities, identify root causes of problems and take corrective action.


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