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Development and Enhancements

App Development and Enhancements

Cofficient have a team of dedicated developers who can design and build specialised and complementary solutions to extend your use of the NetSuite platform.  We build your application on the NetSuite platform using native tools like SuiteBuilder, SuiteScripts and SuiteFlow, or integrate an existing application with NetSuite using web services.

Our expert developers can create flexible business logic tailored to specific business needs—from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications.  Built on industry-standard JavaScript that ensures portability and rapid developer productivity, SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities throughout NetSuite.  In addition, SuiteScript provides a web-based interactive debugger that allows validation and testing of SuiteScript code, providing a powerful debugging toolset with controlled code execution such as step in, out and over, as well as execution logs, resolution of local variables, watches and break points.

Our team leverage NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), a next-generation integrated development environment, to build mission-critical applications and integrations on the flexible and powerful SuiteCloud Platform.  SDF supports the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including source code control, peer code reviews, team development and integrated debugging, coupled with sophisticated SuiteCloud deployment technologies.  The SuiteCloud Platform creates seamless team collaboration and a developer experience unrivalled in the cloud.  Our developers have access to development and sandbox accounts in which they can develop and test new applications and customisations without worrying about affecting their production account.

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