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With Tipalti, automating the accounts payable process isn’t just easier.

By modernising your financial operations, it enables finance teams to help businesses adapt and thrive.

Reduce payables workload by 80%

  • Tipalti removes the friction of financial operations, processing invoices, and reconciling payments
  • We help over 1,500 customers pay over 4 million suppliers.  With a 99% retention rate, Tipalti is both an award-winning and best-reviewed payables automation platform for high-growth businesses

Tipalti integrates with your ERP or accounting software

Connect with secure pre-built integration methods or our full-featured API.  Tipalti removes the friction involved in processing invoices and reconciling payments.  Integrate natively with NetSuite, and connect seamlessly with all other ERP solutions.

Tipalti Global Payables Automation for Oracle NetSuite

  • ‘Built for NetSuite’ verified
  • Oracle NetSuite 2019 SuiteApp of the Year
  • Streamline invoice processing & global multi-method payments to suppliers
  • Reconcile payments in real-time, including syncing with entity-specific sub-ledgers, and accelerate financial close by 25%
  • Provide payment stats to suppliers 24/7
  • Automate vendor set up and tax form collection

‘Built for NetSuite’ Verified

With the NetSuite OneWorld – Tipalti integration, users can eliminate up to 80% of the workload related to managing payments to domestic and international suppliers.  Tipalti automates your entire accounts payable process, from new vendor set up through to invoice processing, 2-way and 3-way PO matching, global supplier remittance, and payment reconciliation.

Automating the Last Mile of ERP

Tipalti extends existing NetSuite capabilities by providing full management and automated execution of AP processes including supplier onboarding, invoice management, payment scheduling, global remittance, communicating with suppliers, and multi-entity reconciliation of payment details with invoices and billing.


Streamline Invoice Processing & Global Bill Payments

Tipalti processes inbound invoices with OCR scanning at header and line-level, machine learning, and managed services ensuring a 99.5% success rate.  Once invoices are 100% complete and accurate, Tipalti performs a 2-way and 3-way PO match.  With just a few clicks to approve the invoice and payment, Tipalti pays invoices in a wide range of payment methods (Local bank transfer, SEOA, Global ACh, US ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, and prepaid debit card) and in 120 currencies in 196 countries.  The choice of payment method is established by vendor so they can select the most convenient or cost-effective option for them in terms or timing or fees, and everything is accurately executed in minutes.

Reconcile Payments in Real-Time

Financial close can be an exasperating process involving correlation of bank statements and invoice details.  With Tipalti, payment remittance results automatically populate NetSuite entity-specific sub-ledgers in real-time for faster, more accurate payment reconciliation and general ledger reporting, automatic supplier payment status communication, and expedited tax reporting that accelerates financial close by 25%.

Provide Payment Status to Suppliers 24/7

Remove your finance team from payment status conversations with suppliers.  Tipalti automatically communicates each stage of the payment remittance status with suppliers based on their preferred communication methods.  Tipalti provides on-demand visibility into payment status and payment history, while also allowing them to update their payment information.  Payment status syncs over instantly so your team has easy access to this information in NetSuite with just one click.

Supplier Self-Service

Manual data entry for vendor data is a waste of your team’s time and causes widespread errors.  Tipalti features a guided self-service web portal available in 17 languages for suppliers to quickly register and update their contact and billing data.  Tipalti’s proprietary rules engine, driven by 26,000 global payment rules, identifies payment issues before they happen to reduce payment error rates by 66%.  Match VAT IDs on invoice to collected and validated VAT IDs.

Scale with Advanced Multi-Entity Capability

You can seamlessly and securely manage accounts payable data and processes across multiple subsidiaries, division, global business units, brands – with different AP processes and workflows within a single Tipalti instance, with consolidated headquarter view while syncing with NetSuite entity-specific sub-ledgers in real-time ensuring faster financial close.


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