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ditch spreadsheets for netsuite

Finance Teams Are Still Buried In Spreadsheets

It’s a common question.  “Why should I ditch spreadsheets for NetSuite?”

On average, CFOs spend around 2.25 hours using spreadsheets every day.  That’s more time in spreadsheets than any other software in their toolkits.

Some businesses who are rooted in their ways enjoy the ability to export and manipulate data with spreadsheets – it’s what they know best.  For some companies, that’s never going to change.  For us, it’s alarming to see so many businesses disregard another solution altogether.

We know that some CFOs will never move away from spreadsheets entirely, but they could start a hybrid of using a net solution alongside spreadsheets.  We believe the ideal model for our clients is to create a more automated business that can function more powerfully and streamline its processes.

From our experience of working directly with finance teams across various industries, we know many of the reasons that they use spreadsheets tend to go away once they utilise the power of a more robust solution.

Understandably, your business may be sceptical of switching from a tried, trusted and currently working system – for you, it can still be a scary transition.

For many, having a flexible data set that they can use to create meaningful charts and graphics is essential.  Finance teams are so accustomed to having limited options for data manipulation in financial software that the spreadsheet export is second nature to them.


So Why Ditch The Spreadsheets?

Reporting capabilities in accounting platforms like NetSuite have matured dramatically in recent years.  NetSuite can handle, edit and manipulate data with ease; you don’t have to dump it into Excel to make sense of the data.

NetSuite can display data across your entire business, which is incredibly difficult if you’re still tying together disparate data sources in spreadsheets.

Why wouldn’t you want to centralise all your data?  Understanding, in real-time, how much time, money and staff power are utilised to complete tasks while reporting on multiple aspects of your business, not just finances?

Even just moving to new financial software will reduce spreadsheet usage with opportunities to automate tasks and connect mission-critical platforms, like CRM and inventory management systems.

If you think your business should ditch the spreadsheets and discover the streamlined, real-time reporting of a net solution, get in touch for a free demo.