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stop using spreadsheets

Stop Using Spreadsheets To Manage Staff Time

When we embark on helping a young professional services startup, we tend to see the same thing – staff being managed using spreadsheets.


Many young professional services will grow steadily, and the spreadsheet proves to be solid and dependable.  That is until the team grows and the spreadsheets become increasingly unmanageable and inaccurate.


Running a complex services business on spreadsheets is like trying to drive a square with flat tyres; yes, you’ll get to where you want to be, but it’ll be complicated and more than likely be inefficient for time or money.


Unfortunately, that analogy is the case for many businesses as they cling to their spreadsheet-based processes, which hinder the power of their most valued asset – their people.


When relying on spreadsheets, it’s simply impossible to keep up with the frequency at which staff resources change projects and when schedules change.  Before these limitations start to become apparent, businesses should be making decisions with accurate, up-to-date information, the kind of data that’s only possible when a centralised management tool is utilised.


By utilising cloud-based project management software, you can make innovative resource management decisions.  While a system alone won’t make the change happen and change is a difficult process for your staff to take on board, having the data and the streamlined process, you can make more informed decisions that meet your staff’s skills, needs and time more appropriately.


As organisations grow and evolve, NetSuite continues to publish new features to see your business’s demands.  We aim to help your business become seamless and fully integrated – allowing for more efficiency, more manageable growth and a more connected company.


Learn more about the solutions we offer to help your business ditch spreadsheets!