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Celebrating 16 Years of Innovation and Growth!

Sixteen years ago today, the UK was humming along to the catchy beats of Duffy’s “Mercy” topping the charts, Gordon Brown was steering the country as Prime Minister, and amidst this vibrant cultural and political backdrop, Cofficient Ltd was born.  It was a time of significant change and innovation, setting the perfect stage for a company that would go on to redefine the boundaries of cloud-based business solutions. From its inception in Glasgow, Cofficient Ltd embarked on a mission to empower businesses across the UK, promising a future where technology and progress go hand in hand.



In 2010, a pivotal moment for Cofficient Ltd unfolded when Paul Grant joined the business, following a fortuitous meeting with Paul Tindal at a pitch. This partnership marked the beginning of a transformative era for the company. By 2011, the business underwent a significant rebranding to Cofficient, ingeniously playing on the concept of company efficiency, which laid the foundation for its future direction. That same year, Cofficient achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first UK partner of both NetSuite and SAP, setting a precedent in the industry for innovation and strategic partnerships. This synergy and forward-thinking approach have propelled Cofficient to strong year-on-year growth, enabling it to attract and work with high-profile customers.


As Cofficient Ltd celebrates 16 years of innovation and growth, it’s impossible not to marvel at the unique synergy between Paul Grant and Paul Tindal. Their partnership, much like the curious experiment in 2013 where a University neuroscientist connected two rat brains together over the internet, allowing them to share information, demonstrates an unparalleled level of collaboration and insight. However, instead of sharing neural impulses, Paul and Paul have mastered the art of sharing visionary business strategies and technological expertise, working closely with customers to enhance their profitability. This extraordinary partnership ensures that, much like those pioneering rats, businesses connected with Cofficient are always a step ahead, navigating the complex digital landscape with ease and efficiency.


Here’s to the dynamic duo of Paul and Paul, proving that two heads (or brains) are indeed better than one, especially when it comes to steering businesses toward unprecedented success.