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COVID-19: The Fight, Barriers and Solutions for Life Sciences

COVID-19 has already had a massive impact on life sciences, with organisations working together on vaccine discovery and sharing manufacturing facilities.

With collaborations and working in a regulated industry, there has been a massive spike in virtual operations within the life sciences industry, with this spike potentially lining up new normality for the industry.

The emergence of many life sciences businesses has also dramatically increased as governments emphasise the national production and supply of drugs.

This increased demand/emphasis also results in a rethink of the manufacturing and supply footprint for some businesses.

Many life sciences businesses are working at unprecedented speeds, bringing their ability to remain traceable and reliable under question.


So what’s the solution to over-stretching your business and compromising it?

Many life sciences businesses have begun to reassess their approach to managing their business operations and implementing new software solutions to help improve visibility and transparency while adapting to the change in their industry’s landscape.

Many life sciences businesses are choosing a reliable and suitable single unified solution to manage their data, streamline reporting and improve their compliance.  Cofficient offers a tailored and supported NetSuite solution that simplifies, configures and reports on processes, workflows, compliance, finances and much more.

When your industry regulation is strict, but the work you are carrying out is forever changing, having a real-time 360-degree insight into your business operation allows you to make timely decisions across your entire organisation.

Cofficient has worked with many life sciences and pharma organisations:


I greatly valued that Cofficient weren’t just interested in implementing the software (which is often the case with software consultants).  Instead, they helped us re-engineer our business processes so that we could best leverage the software, and they provided valuable challenges and insight during that process.

Lee Bowen
Benchmark Plc


If your growing life sciences business needs a solution to centralise its processes and reporting, then perhaps it’s time to discover Cofficient.


Get a FREE demo of the software here and relieve the stress of your growing business.