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life sciences funding

Helping Funding Applications with Real-Time Data and Initiative

Life sciences companies in Europe believe access to funding is the most significant barrier to innovation in their sector.  While there are many more factors that can be seen as a barrier to innovation in the industry, such as cumbersome back-office processes, ageing technology and lack of traceability, not having the necessary funds to let your business progress is an issue.


Life sciences startups have always been on a mission to improve human health through innovation.  The COVID-19 crisis has made the importance of that work more apparent than ever.  Whether its work relates directly to pandemic relief efforts or not, most startups in the life sciences industry have felt the global crisis’s impact.  For startup leaders looking toward the future, it’s essential to understand the process of funding and what can be implemented to help achieve that funding potentially.


The pandemic has drawn attention to the life sciences and healthcare landscape, which has created a vast opportunity for startup and SME life sciences companies to develop an interest in investing, again, whether their work focuses on the pandemic efforts or not.


The funding landscape environment is evolving.  As the world emerges from the restrictions, funding opportunities are expected to grow to safeguard against future global virus implications; basically, investors are coming if they can see the potential in your life sciences business.


So, How Can You Show Potential?


If your business can provide visible, transparent and real-time data about all aspects of your business, it’s easier to show potential investors your on-going work and projections.


A suitable, customisable ERP system can deliver a transparent workflow that streamlines your business, not only enabling timely decision across your entire organisation but showing potential investors an accurate look at your company.


Offering a 360-degree look at budgeting, customer relationship management, manufacturing planning, and more gives you that advantage over your competitors while operating and provides a tangible advantage over your competitors when asking for funding.


Using a reliable and trustworthy ERP system from a recognised source, your business can also gain accreditation and remain compliant with regulatory bodies, giving potential investors peace of mind before parting with their funding.


If you’re looking to tighten your business operations and financial status before applying for funding or approaching investors, speak to our team for a FREE demo and learn the full benefits for life sciences.


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