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What is SuitePeople?

Your questions about NetSuite’s new HR Software, SuitePeople, answered…..


What Is It?

The team at NetSuite know that your people are your most valuable asset.  It’s no surprise then, that they’ve created SuitePeople – a new Human Capital Management System that puts people at it’s ver core.  The all-in-one system ensures your employees are engaged, motivated and working as effectively as possible.  It also promises to make your life a lot easier….  Happy employees and easy for you to use?  Win-win.


Why Do I Need It?

SuitePeople securely weaves people data through the Suite, giving your business complete control over your HR procedures.  It empowers managers and HR professionals by streamlining all processes and collating all of the information you need regarding employees, new hires, onboarding, payroll, promotions, compensation, etc, on one single Suite.  Not only is it incredibly user friendly, it can also reduce costs by saving time.


What Will It Do For Me?

So now we know how great SuitePeople is, let’s dig a little deeper into what they system actually does, and what it can do for you.  I’ve laid out just some of the benefits below:


  • One solution to manage all of your employees, no matter where they are in the world
  • Employees can easily update their personal information
  • Simplified payroll, with end-to-end payroll processing and management
  • Easy time-off requests!
  • Handles year-end tax filings for your employees and contractors
  • Allows you to visualise headcount, growth and turnover at a glance
  • Automatic accruals and reporting, allowing for proactive planning and approvals
  • The unified data model allows you to seamlessly report on, and analyse, all employees – from the shop floor, to the warehouse, to the boardroom
  • Easily monitor upcoming holidays
  • Publicly recognise peers for good work!

Not only would HR and other employees benefit from efficiency gains through HR tech integration, but the entire company would as well.  By standardising the HR technology ecosystem on a shared dataset, for example, the accuracy of people and performance analytics could be improved substantially with fewer errors, duplications and other discrepancies.

The time saved by eliminating the nuisance of toggling from software system to software system alone may be a huge productivity enhancement, and the overall employee experience can be improved by reducing the friction in performing HR tasks.

As business success increasingly hinges on agility, speed and efficiency, companies must make it a priority to adopt solutions that support the connectivity necessary to streamline operations and prepare for a more fluid style of work.

This will be critical not only for creating the kind of hassle-free employee experience people expect in today’s digital business environment, but also for developing the global mindset necessary for business survival.


Download our free whitepaper to find out more, or get in touch to see how SuitePeople can make life easier for you and your team.