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10 Ways NetSuite Can Help Your Business Get Back On Track

With most of us slowly getting back into the swing of things after some very strange, very hazy few months, It’s no surprise that businesses are beginning to adapt their processes and rethink the way they work.  Some are back in the office, some are still working from home, and some are doing “blended working” aka – a little bit of both.


We’re all doing it differently and doing what we can to get through this together.  There’s no doubt, however, that we’re all aligned on one thing – process is king!  Whether your workforce is still home-based or gradually easing back into office life, all employees must be on the same page regarding your processes and systems – your way of doing things.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of 6 or team of 6000, having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet is invaluable.


NetSuite is a revolutionary tool that can help with this – ensuring all of your processes are as smooth as possible – with everything your business needs in one cloud-based ERP system for front and back office.


Post-lockdown feels a bit like a fresh new start – time to change the way you’re doing things.  Time to make life easier for you and your team.  Time to be super organised!  What better time than the present to introduce a system that will make everyone’s life simpler, moving forward.  Not convinced?  I’ve laid out ten reasons why, when getting into the swing of the “new normal”, you need NetSuite in your life……


  1. Manage Projects.  Ok, this might seem like a noticeable feature, but many organisations initially tend to show interest in NetSuite for finance and/or CRM purposes….. Then they’re pleasantly surprised when they have an integrated Project Management tool also.  The feature comes hand-in-hand with useful Gantt charts, resource allocation tools and time & materials billing.  A convenient characteristic for getting your full team back into the swing of things.
  2. Keep your customer in the know.  Have you changed your services post-lockdown?  New products in the pipeline?  NetSuite allows you to send mass marketing emails, newsletters, or individual emails to customers directly from the system straight to their inbox.  Your customers have missed you – let them know what you’re up to!
  3. Streamlined departmental working.  Think of NetSuite as your physical, literal, bricks and mortar building.  The building contains multiple rooms and offices – each on is relevant to different teams, departments and people.  Some people, maybe office manager or Directors, for example, have access to all rooms.  Other people only require access to their own team’s room.  NetSuite works similarly – yes, lots of things go on within the system, and it has a great deal of functionality that’s useful for each team.  However, not everyone needs to worry about all areas – you only need to access the parts relevant to you and your job.
  4. Keep an eye on your teams.  Conversely, if you’re a business owner who wants to see a snapshot of absolutely everything going on in your business at any one time – you can do that.  NetSuite allows you to see – and understand – everything happening within your business, in as little or as much detail as you wish.  The dashboard is entirely configurable – filled with charts and graphs, presenting the data in customisable, drag-and-drop portlets.  You decide the information you need and how you see it.
  5. Stay Alert!  We’ve all experienced that back-to-work brain fog.  When you’ve not done much for months, it can be somewhat overwhelming to stay on top of your workload and remember everything needing to be done.  Fear not!  NetSuite has your back.  The alerts feature allows you to schedule reminders and pop-ips to help you recognise meetings, calls and deadlines.  Choose your own timescales – a five-minute reminder for a call, or a week in advance reminder of a deadline.  It’ll even send an email reminder if you like.  Our Saviour!
  6. Fully Mobile.  It’s 2020.  Your businesses are all mobile in some form or other.  So is NEtSuite.  If you’re still working from home, NetSuite is for you.  If you’re in the office now, NetSuite is for you.  If you’re a bit of both……You guessed it – NetSuite is for you.  It’s cloud-based, meaning that (providing you have internet connection) you can access it via the internet from any mobile device in any location.
  7. Customisable Newsfeed.  In this ever changing landscape, it’s crucial to keep on top of the news, particularly news that might affect your business.  NetSuite allows you to stream you RSS new feed straight onto your dashboard.  I use BBC News – Scotland Business, but you can choose from a pre-suilt option or completely customise your own – whatever works best for you.
  8. One size fits all.  NetSuite is brilliant for those global multinationals with multiple teams, levels, subsidiaries, offices and locations.  Shazam, for example, is powered by NetSuite.  However, if you’re small and starting out, don’t discredit it just yet!  One of our smallest clients is a two-user CRM business, and it works just as brilliantly for them.  Think about it.  Having a system like this in place not only makes your life easier (when you’re the one doing all of the work.  One system as opposed to multiple programmes and apps) but can also help you grow effectively and efficiently.  If your processes are completely seamless and streamlined from the very start, onboarding and training of new staff members will be quick and consistent.
  9. Charitable.  It is, of course, no secret that many organisations have felt the hit of Covid-19, and unfortunately, the third sector is no different.  Charities and not-for-profits need support now more than ever.  NetSuite has a donation programme that supports multiple charities across the globe.  Their commitment to making a social impact is inspiring and allows your business – if it can – to get involved in making a difference.
  10. Ease of Use.  But by no means least, NetSuite is genuinely straightforward to use.  Though it’s packed full of features, it’s incredibly user friendly and suitable for varying levels of IT capability.  That’s the beauty of it all – NetSuite does all the complicated stuff for you.


Convinced?  Of course you are.  I do not doubt that using NetSuite will make life easier for you and your team.


To chat with someone about whether NetSuite is the right solution for your business (which, as we’be already established, it probably is!), get in touch.  We’re happy to chat with you about your requirements!