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Track and Trace Your Workforce During COVID with NetSuite

HR teams are facing unprecedented demands on their time.  Hot on the heels of managing the first, fast adjustments to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic – moving to remote working, furloughing staff, reducing headcount – comes the need to prepare for further change, and plan for the ‘new normal’.

With the virus still spreading and people coming back to work, businesses must track and trace.

The NetSuite Workforce Cast Interaction SuiteApp provides NetSuite customers with a quick and easy way to create and track cases of employees with an infected illness in the workforce.


  • Centralised place to manage and track in-person interactions of infected employees
  • Administrators can control access, limiting who can run a trace or manage a case
  • Quickly create an email distribution list to notify at-risk people
  • Import or export contact information for additional analysis and reporting


Authorised users can record in-person interactions manually, or those interactions can be surfaced automatically by analysing NetSuite data to create a case.  With a central place to record an infected employee’s in-person interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors, organisations can protect the health and safety of their workforce.

The new Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp helps NetSuite customers create, track and record the in-person interactions of people suspected of having COVID-19 infections.

The new SuiteApp helps NetSuite customers protect employees and customers at physical locations by providing a centralised place to efficiently and securely create and track cases of infected people in the workforce.

HR professionals or other authorised users can manually record interactions into NetSuite when a worker reports testing positive for COVID-19.  The application can then generate a list of potential interactions an infected employee had with other individuals based on the employee’s location, time entry location, reporting structure, project team members and NetSuite calendar events.

With these results and the ability to log additional interactions, HR professionals and other authorised users, can quickly respond and help create safer work environments.  The new application includes:


  • Case Management: helps organisations create cases for all infected employees and track their in-person interaction details.
  • Security and Privacy: Administrators assign access to users to control and limit who can perform a search and manage a case.
  • Tracking: Helps organisations keep track of infections by automatically running a search of an infected person to get a list of potential interactions with other people at work within a defined time period.
  • Notifications: Helps organisations build a list of at-risk contacts to enable quick and timely communication with other possibly affected members of the workforce through customised email distribution.
  • Reporting: Helps organisations support local government-related safety orders by enabling them to quickly, efficiently and securely export and share collected workforce case interaction data.


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