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NetSuite Cash Management

NetSuite Cash Management Features

Effective cash management is critical to success for every business. When leaders lack visibility into daily balances, the company may face a financial crisis. NetSuite cash management delivers access to real-time financial data, eliminates inefficient manual processes and provides greater control of cash resources.

“If anyone wants business data or insights, they go to NetSuite, not another system or someone’s spreadsheet. It’s the source of truth for everything we do.”

Tim Murton

Cash Management Benefits

Real-time Insights

Real-time data helps financial managers make informed decisions about how and when to allocate cash.

Internal Controls

Improved tracking of payments, credit card charges and bank balances ensures financial resources deliver maximum benefit to the company.

Faster Close

Regular reconciliation of bank and credit card transactions makes balancing the general ledger easier and saves time during the close process.

Challenges NetSuite Cash Management Solves

Maintaining Sufficient Liquidity

Real-time financial visibility gives teams the tools and information they need to balance cash on hand with current liabilities.

Inefficient Manual Processes

Automated data imports and reconciliations increase productivity by eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

Balancing Accounts

Keep bank records and account balances in sync, saving time and allowing more frequent reconciliations.

Data Entry Errors

Auto-posting journal entries improve data quality by reducing error-prone manual data entry.


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