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NetSuite for Media and Publishing

NetSuite Manages End-to-End Business Processes in One, Unified System

NetSuite for Media and Publishing Companies manages all of your customers—subscribers and advertisers alike—in one, unified application suite that seamlessly integrates sales with back-office financial, accounting and order management processes. NetSuite for Media Companies is based on the experience and best practices of a host of media firms, complemented with a proven professional services implementation methodology and configuration services.

  • Execute sales campaigns within the system and easily measure results.
  • Manage both aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions to your readership.
  • Track advertisements from insertion order through fulfilment and verification, then automatically generate invoices per customised billing schedules.
  • Integrate with other solutions you use to drive your business, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds and other verification servers.


Order Management

Manage sales and optimise workflow with CRM and invoice integration. Reach higher profitability with more accurate, integrated forecasts.

Advanced Reporting

Closely monitor content performance, as well as division profitability and performance. View subscriptions across properties and manage expenses, share billings forecasts and determine how to invest in each media property to maximise revenue.

Integrated Ecommerce

Manage content subscription and sales through NetSuite’s Ecommerce solution—integrated to your general ledger with unified and recurring billing.

Commissions Management

Manage sales commissions, create auditable structures for complex sales incentive management and forecast sales expenses.

What we can do for you?

NetSuite has taken its industry expertise and packaged it into a solution to solve the unique business challenges of the retail industry across manufacturing and wholesale.

Combine this industry expertise with the leading practices developed by our retail-dedicated professional services team, NetSuite helps our customers start adopting the platform faster and transform their businesses in consumable stages to develop competitive advantage in the marketplace.

NetSuite Key Benefits

Flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based business system manages financials, sales, services and analytics.

Expedite lead-to-cash processes and become business friendly.

Advanced renewal management with a single view of each customer lets you provide enhanced service.

Full visibility from insertion order to invoicing.


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