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ERP for Non-profit Organisations

ERP for Non-profit Organisations

Through the Social Impact programme, NetSuite provides a suite of cloud software built for nonprofits of all sizes to improve operations and grow their mission. The three pillars of the programme ensure that all nonprofits globally are able to successfully implement, utilise and accelerate their impact on NetSuite through the entire customer lifecycle.

Suite Donation

Providing nonprofits of all sizes a base donation and activation of NetSuite’s solution built for the sector.

Suite Pro Bono

Partnering nonprofit clients with NetSuite employees to solve challenges, and use NetSuite more effectively.

Suite Capacity

Fostering organisational capacity through NetSuite community, diverse resources, and comprehensive educational offerings.

Suite Donation

Nonprofits of all sizes are eligible for a base donation of our nonprofit solution with no-cost activation. This standard donation is appropriate to power the financial management operations of a small organisation and has no recurring cost.

Beyond the base donation, Social Impact organisations can access solutions for grant accounting, SORP reporting, nonprofit budgeting and more. Every solution has special Social Impact pricing that is deeply discounted from our standard pricing.

One integrated, cloud application to manage your entire organisation and accelerate your mission.

Break Down Silos

Ease the burden of maintaining multiple systems and focus on your core mission for optimal long-term success.

Boost Your Resources

Strengthen connections with existing donors, find new supporters and deliver better programmes and services.

Fuel Your Mission

Through innovative products and services, every nonprofit has the opportunity to leverage NetSuite to fuel its mission.

Product features

Fund Accounting

Explore NetSuite’s innovative and GAAP-compliant fund accounting framework that allows your nonprofit to manage diverse revenue streams, correlate revenue sources to expense transactions, and accurately manage fund restrictions and grant requirements.

Grant Accounting

Elevate efficiency and visibility into the grant lifecycle. Track terms and conditions, automate time and expense tracking, track many projects to many grants and manage expenses across multiple years.

Automated SORP Reporting

Create SORP reports on the fly. Easy and configurable compliance reporting for executive leadership, board members, external auditors, and accounting teams.

Simplified, Flexible Financial Segmentation

Streamline your organisation’s Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments to achieve complete visibility into the source and use of funds.

Programme Efficiency Tracking

Create a culture of data driven decision-making using Charity Navigator™ recommended scorecards for programme metrics that matter

Financial Management

Gain efficiencies with a powerful nonprofit financial management system built to meet the unique needs of your nonprofit.

KPIs, Roles and Dashboards

Get real-time, on-demand insights into your nonprofit’s performance through SORP compliance, role-based metrics, and analytics.

Spend Management

Ensure full accountability and stewardship of funds and gain complete control and visibility over total spend.


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