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Cofficient Partner with Grant Thornton

Cofficient Partner with Grant Thornton

Leading audit and advisory firm Grant Thornton invites Cofficient to join their Growth 365 programme, designed for dynamic businesses to achieve their commercial potential. Growth 365 will help Cofficient realise long-term business goals, focus on core skills, and business growth by expanding into new markets.

Business Growth 365 Programme

This tailored service focuses key business growth activities, supported by experienced growth advisors, technical experts, and business analysts. The key elements combine to provide a holistic growth model:

  • Clarity & Insight – The Growth 365 Clarity Review helps compare Cofficient with benchmark industry leaders and assess which insights, comparators, trends, and research can be used to unlock future growth potential.
  • Community –Growth 365 members are part of a membership community of like-minded businesses, coming together at valuable networking events.
  • Global Network – Access to a global network of resources, knowledge, contacts, and insights that cross a wide variety of sectors and industries in over 130 countries.
  • Growth Advisors – The pro-active growth advisor is putting together a range of services that assist development, stress-test growth plans, and explore unique perspectives.

New Growth Opportunities for Cofficient

Cofficient co-founder, Paul Grant, said: “Being selected for the Growth 365 programme is an exciting opportunity for Cofficient. It allows us to take advantage of their commercial expertise to let us focus on what we are good at, and develop where our solutions, skills and experiences are best matched. Moreover, it allows us to engage with a wider network of global businesses that can help us expand our commercial network and explore new prospects.”

After years of business success south of the border, Growth 365 decided to expand to Scotland in 2018, with some remarkable results. Combining a global network with years of commercial experience, it is perfectly suited for innovative businesses like Cofficient, ready to scale operations and increase market share.

Exciting New Partnership for Grant Thornton

George Elliot, Growth Advisor with Grant Thornton, was optimistic about Cofficient’s growth plans: “We have a rich mix of business talent in Scotland, but there’s often a lack of support for the people driving entrepreneurial growth at the top. Cofficient has already proved it has the right talent and systems in place to drive growth, and we think our  ‘365 programme will help them amplify their business reach. They have a wealth of experience in implementing extensible business systems to help businesses as they scale-up – now is the time for them to work with our team to progress to the next stage of their own evolution.   The innovative developments they have been working on should produce benefits for their clients, and we will help them to extend their reach to achieve new ambitions.  They are keen to work with other innovative technologies and partners to contribute to the continuing development of the business community. “