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NetSuite Implementation Options

What Are Your NetSuite Implementation Options?


If you have made the decision to look at NetSuite, you know the platform offers cost-effective, streamlined business processes and real-time access to key information anytime anywhere.  If you’ve been doing due diligence, you know there are countless ways to purchase and implement NetSuite into your business.  How do you get it all working for you?


In this post, we’ll highlight the true benefits of working with an experienced NetSuite partner to shape the outcome of your initiative and create a solution that perfectly fits your business for long-term success.  We will also explore the various ways to use a NetSuite partner for enhanced services when working with NetSuite directly.


Where can I purchase a NetSuite License?

You have two different options when it comes to purchasing your software, NetSuite direct or through a NetSuite Solution ProviderSolution Providers are business application experts who deliver complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions and have the ability to sell, license, implement, service and provide support all things NetSuite related.  The license and subscription contract is with NetSuite but negotiated by the partner and they represent you.


What are my implementation Options?


  1. Self-Implementation:

    To ensure a successful self-implementation, a person in your organisation will need to be well-versed with NetSuite’s technology and provide a temporary full-time commitment to the implementation process.  In many ways, a self-implementation may take longer than expected, cost your company more money, as project timelines and commitments tend to run long without a team.  Many companies will also need customisations to the software, help, support and training to ensure your NetSuite implementation reflects your company’s business processes.


  1. NetSuite (Direct) Implementation:

    When you purchase with NetSuite direct, you are speaking to an Oracle NetSuite salesperson from their company.  Working with a partner is the exact same price as direct and you will be working with a smaller company with a consistent team and can give you more attention.


  1. NetSuite Partner:

    Quality NetSuite partners have your long-term plan and business strategy in mind from the get-go.  Partners don’t just sell software, they are passionate about understanding your company’s processes, committed to your success and reputation long after the go-live date.  You will receive a direct line to skilled IT consultants for NetSuite support, with the ability to discuss best practices, ask for help, buying options, pricing, products and more.  NetSuite Partners are leading industry experts with a deep understanding of the software and understand how to best tailor the NetSuite implementation to your individual needs.


Why Partners Make a NetSuite Implementation a Success


  • Customer Relationships – Customers who buy from NetSuite partners are in it for the long haul.  Why? Because they provide strength in relationships, getting to know your business and provide the highest level of customer service and support in the industry.


  • NetSuite Expertise & Support – Partners are extremely knowledgeable on the NetSuite platform and can provide unbiased answers to questions, demos and any information you need throughout the process.  Once you have engaged with a partner, the entire team is accessible to you on an on-demand basis.  Take advantage of all that NetSuite has to offer with no disruption in your day-to-day business.  From implementation to services and beyond, partners ensure a streamlined and direct path to fulfilling your NetSuite needs.


  • Cost Savings – NetSuite Partners have the ability to match NetSuite’s direct sales team with pricing, discounts, fixed price quotations and financing options that are not available when buying from NetSuite directly.  Partners offer competitive pricing on both software and services.  Bundle your licensing and implementation services for better savings on a successfully delivered solution.


  • Tailored Implementations – Partners will provide the tools necessary for you to make well-educated choices rather than rushed decisions.  Consultants adapt the NetSuite product to meet your specific business requirements. Working with a NetSuite partner offers key advantages over going directly to NetSuite alone.


Why Buy NetSuite From Cofficient


Cofficient is a one-stop shop assisting in the evaluation, implementation, configuration, customisation and services of NetSuite solutions.  We provide support, administration and process optimisation to ensure organisations get a return on their investment.


Whether you are looking for assistance with implementation, customisation, or simply need answers to your questions, our NetSuite consultants are experts on adapting the product to meet your specific business needs.


For more information, get in touch!