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The Past, Present and Future of NetSuite

Video: The Past, Present, and Future of NetSuite

NetSuite recently released a video marking their 20th anniversary, where Evan Goldberg, the founder and EVP of Product Development, discussed the most important NetSuite developments. In this video, he talks about the “the core mission of enabling companies to realise their vision” and how the recent Oracle acquisition has completely changed the game for NetSuite and its users. 

He stressed the importance of continuity by emphasising that NetSuite was, at its core, still the same people working on the same problem. By extending the work they were already doing and combining this with the new Oracle resource, they have managed to focus on the most vital components of the NetSuite ethos.

He also mentioned how the Oracle acquisition has helped build on three key areas:

  • Research and Development – By investing more funds and putting more emphasis into research and development, NetSuite has ensured that it will remain relevant for the next twenty years, without compromising on the advantages that make is so great.
  • Adopting Oracle Technologies – By using powerful database capabilities and taking the very best out of the Oracle cloud infrastructure, NetSuite can grow in ways that are not just responding to the market but leading it. This injection of complex and refined technologies will provide the relevant innovation that NetSuite needs, which will act as a foundation for future growth and development.
  • Rapid International Growth – International expansion has always been critical for the visibility and longevity of multinational businesses, and Oracle has been key in making this happen. New currencies, languages, and localisations are all being explored in ways that were previously impossible, making NetSuite more comprehensive and usable than it ever has been.

Goldberg leaves us with a final thought by promising that NetSuite will “live forever” and that the increased collaboration with Oracle will ensure that the second 20-year checkpoint will be as successful as the first. It’s nice to see that, even in this era of rapid change and corporate uncertainty, certain companies are sticking to their original design ethos and looking to cement their place in the global infrastructure through innovation, and not just empty promises. And, with comprehensive NetSuite support at an all-time high, life has never been easier for the end user.

As always, get in touch with us if you have any questions about NetSuite or any of our other products.

View the full video below: