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How To Stand Out Against Competitors

Standing out from the crowd and bringing something new and unique to the market is something that is essential for start-ups to do. Making something different whether it is a product or the way you deliver a service helps you outshine and stand out against your competitors. Small businesses have corporate giants as well as independent small businesses as competitors, therefore they have to work extra hard at being memorable and different.

An all-in-one business system can help you stand out from the crowd and also provides various important benefits with regards to investment preparation. Read this article to find out what a business software can do for your business and how it can be a gamechanger for potential investment.

How can I add value to my business?

Investors don’t just buy an idea. They buy an infrastructure, a way of doing things, a company ethos that flows throughout your entire company. It’s easy to rely on a brilliant idea and a revolutionary new product or service. But, unfortunately, it’s not enough. The only way you will stand out to investors is if you show that your company is committed to sustained growth and corporate stability. A business system is the perfect way to do this. Why? Working with systems and endorsing companies that share the growth and scalability mindset says a lot about a young company. Trust us, investors will notice.

How do I stand out from the crowd?

Investing in a business system says a lot about your company’s personality and ambition. Nothing says small time like ‘forgetting’ to future proof. With a system in place, you show to potential investors that you are investing in the longevity and the scalability of your own business. After all, why would an investor want to buy something that doesn’t have a future? A solutions such as NetSuite isn’t just scalable, it’s automatable. Better yet: it doesn’t compromise on quality, which is a bonus any investor will pick up on straight away.

How do I show that I’m worth the investment?

Scalability. Automation. Accountability. Just a couple of the key ways that you can prove to any investor that you are worth their time and money. For example, by showing the reasoning behind any automation in your workflow, you let them know that you’re already thinking about how to improve cashflow and minimise efficiencies. A systems such as NetSuite allows you to integrate all your most important business applications under one central umbrella, seamlessly combining sales, marketing, and development channels across your business – exactly what they are looking for.

What solution can help you stand out from the crowd?

Calnex rolled out NetSuite as an agile, scalable platform for global financials, order processing and fulfilment, and inventory control. With NetSuite’s ease of use, Calnex has improved business continuity by eliminating reliance on personnel who managed highly complex and customised order processing and fulfilment spreadsheets. It led to scalability levels that allowed a 30% surge in transaction volume, leading to a 11% revenue growth in the year it was implemented.


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