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Integrated Business System

Thinking of Implementing an Integrated Business System?

What are the Benefits of an Integrated Business System?

Right now times are tough for business and the natural instinct will be to put all future plans for investment on hold.  Perhaps your business has been gearing up to implement new business systems like ERP or CRM for some time and you’re now left quesionning if you are prepared for the change, or whether or not now is the right time.  The most important question to ask yourself here is not if now is the right time but, could your business be doing better?


At Cofficient we like to take the ‘glass half full’ approach.  That’s why we are encouraging you to look towards the future and utilise this opportunity to put your business ahead of the rest.  With the recent circumstances freeing up some all-important business hours and NetSuite’s integrated business system capabilities, we think we have created a match made in business development heaven!

Benefits of NetSuite as an Integrated Business System


From seamless CRM to real-time finance management the benefits of implementing an integrated business system such as NetSuite are endless.  If you are still unsure as to whether now is the time to consider NetSuite, here are 6 key benefits that NetSuite could bring to your future business:


  • Fast Deployment

    You may have spent hours going back and forth deciding what software is right for your business.  But once you give the green light to NetSuite, the implementation will happen in the blink of an eye.  Once of the main benefits of NetSuite is it’s speed of deployment.  You can be up and running with ERP, CRM and finance management systems, on a global scale, in as little as 10 days!

  • Economic

    Unlike disparate systems, NetSuite is an exceptionally economic business decision.  From less than £100 per user per month (including implementation), not only does NetSuite come with a flattering price tag, it also comes with the capability to both save and make your business money.  Higher profit margins with lower costs?  Now I’m sure we have your attention.

    NetSuite’s built in financial order management system streamlines your business accounts and improves your visibility over those precious £’s.

    The benefits of NetSuite Finance include:

    – Full visibility into your integrated financials with prebuilt, accounting-intelligent capabilities.
    – Proper security, support and compliance whilst gaining complete audit trail visibility.
    – Configure and monitor business processes and workflows.
    – Immediate visibility into financial performance with pre-built or customised reports.

  • Anytime Access

    NetSuite’s cloud-based nature means your business development is ‘always on’.  Operating on a cloud-based platform gives your business portable access anytime, anywhere.  We now need remote access more than ever, and with round the clock reporting, your business can grow no matter where your office is set up.  Whether your team are in the office, at home or working remotely from a sunny beach (we wish we were!), they can access real-time reports and dashboards.  This 24/7 remote access means communication and collaboration never has to be compromised.

  • Better Decision Making

    The real-time dashboard provides your business with with up-to-date and accurate information, live sales figures and stock reports, helping to improve your decision-making capabilities.  Unlike disparate software, NetSuite pulls data from across the entire company, creating a bigger picture of the company’s successes and concerns including generating powerful insights into the true back bone of your business.

  • Built in CRM

    The main driver behind any business is its customers.  Understanding your customer wants, needs and behaviours is vital to the success or failings of any venture.  We aren’t talking about reading people’s minds (although that could come in handy!).  Instead, what any business needs is a strong CRM system.

    NetSuite’s integrated business system comes with its very own built in CRM system.  A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a software platform geared towards improving customer relationships, finding new prospective clients and guiding businesses through rapidly evolving customer concerns.  In a nutshell a CRM system empowers your business with the ability to react and retract ahead of a problem.

  • Scalability

    Every businesses true goal is growth and with growth comes the inevitability of outgrowing your current processes.  This can be both a costly and frustrating problem for many expanding businesses.  Having to transition to new software can take time and ultimately leave its mark on that all-important growth.

    A main benefit of NetSuite is its ability to grow alongside your business as part of the team.  As your business grows, so does its needs.  NetSuite’s scalability allows the software to grow alongside your business, adapting seamlessly where necessary, to provide your business with software suitable to your needs.  Whether it’s adding extra users to your subscription or the addition of new ERP modules, this can all happen whilst avoiding a large infrastructure change, enabling you to focus on continuing to grow your business.

If you’d like to learn more about NetSuite, get in touch for a free demo.