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Marketing Automation

How NetSuite Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

At the heart of every business lie the customer they serve.  Your customer has the ability to build or breakdown the success of your business.  However, the customer doesn’t have to hold all the power.  With the help of a powerful CRM system (Customer Relationship Management), your business can step inside the minds of your customers.


NetSuite helps you understand the behaviour  of your potential customer and exactly how they tick.  This opens the gateway for your marketing team to target the right lead at the right place and time.


Marketing Automation


Before your sales team can even begin working on putting the final stamp on a deal, the marketing team are working behind the scenes to identify and target the best leads for your business.


However, finding and winning the attention of your ideal customer doesn’t happen at the click of a finger.  It involves customer segmentation, profiling and a lot of data cleansing.  All of which are pretty tedious and timely jobs, especially when done manually.  That’s where NetSuite marketing automation steps in.


Key Features

One of the key components of NetSuite’s CRM software is its marketing automation module.  This process works to systemise your marketing efforts, increase campaign efficiency and generate highly qualified leads ready for engagement.


If you are fed up of wasting hours on marketing campaigns to reach nothing but the junk folder then it’s time to get to grips with NetSuite’s marketing automation.  Here are 3 of the key features that will revolutionise your businesses marketing efforts:


  1. Lead Reporting and Analytics

    Taking things right back to where the sales story begins.  When on the lookout for new leads it’s important to know what you have done right or wrong in the past.

    The lead reporting tool allows your business to get a complete insight into your marketing programs – by program type, lead source, and promotions – in real time.  Meaning you can capture a true representation of ROI seamlessly, by tracking the entire process from lead-to-revenue.  Understanding what actions received results allows your team to customise their future approach.

    The best part of it all?  No time needs to be spent on pulling together reports.  With Netsuite all these powerful lead insights are managed from a single system.  This means you can check back and trace a contacts journey from lead to sale at a click of a button.

  2. Campaign Management

    Attracting your customers attention is the next step towards closing that all important deal.  In doing so your marketing team will strive to create enticing campaigns, but without targeted insights how do you know your offering is hitting the spot?

    With NetSuite you can create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics, purchase trends, response patterns and support histories.  Insights are streamlined across your website, email, events and social while ensuring all of your efforts remain seamless across each point of engagement.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing when it comes to tracking the success of a campaign, however, with NetSuite’s real-time tracking your business has the opportunity to maximise ROI effectively on the spot.

  3. Landing Page and Forms

    Finally, you’ve got the customer to your site, but how do you keep the relationship flowing?  In this case first impressions mean everything, and how you deal with your response could make all the difference to saling the deal.

    Create landing pages with an easy-to-use form submission, allowing your business to capture data from genuinely engaged leads.  Gaining their contact details opens the door for potential.  Each form submission instantly connects with your NetSuite CRM system, adding your potential leads contact details allowing immediate follow up.  This streamlined approach saves time and reduces the chance of a loss in opportunity.

If you are looking to find out more about what NetSuite’s CRM system can do for your business, get touch.


Marketing Automation is only one of the 3 key components in the CRM journey.  Stay tuned for the next installment of insights.