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Is SAP too Big for my Business?

Is SAP too Big for my Business?

Carrying on the theme of attempting to answer the questions people most commonly ask, I wanted to address the BIG elephant in the room.

As an SAP Business ByDesign solution provider, without a doubt, the most common objection to SAP software we come across is that SAP is too big.

Some Sage customers I talk to think SAP would consider their business too insignificant.  I’ve come across Dynamics users who believe that taking on an SAP project will only result in budget overspend and lengthy implementation cycles.

With companies such as RBS, Nationwide, Unilever and Ebay all using SAP, it’s little wonder that the perception of being too big persists in the market place.

Depth of Functionality

So is SAP too big?  The software is certainly very comprehensive.  By necessity it is deep and rich in functionality.  If you think about it, it has to perform a hell of a lot of functions; sometimes across multiple subsidiaries, departments, product lines or countries.  The more you require the more complex it will be.  But you are NOT Unilever or RBS and it’s unlikely you’ll require those levels of complexity.

Instead, you just enable the parts of the software that you need just now and feel secure that when your business does get bigger that you have a solution which can expand with you.

Horses for Courses

SAP ByDesign is a fantastic product.  Designed for both fast implementation and a SME market place, to rule it out would be to reject an excellent product with a full scope of functionality. Being cloud-based it is easily accessible for businesses of most sizes.   When you take into account the fact that you don’t need hardware it can make it a great commercially viable decision. Besides, when did thinking BIG become bad?

It’s worth adding SAP Business ByDesign into your search and select process – you might be surprised at the results.


Written by Paul Grant – SAP Business ByDesign Finance Expert and Solution Consultant at Cofficient