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Scary Software

Play “Software Trick or Treat”

Software Trick or Treat



The rules of this game are really simple.   Below are a list of experiences you may have with your existing software.   Tick the statements which apply to you scroll down to find out if you are being tricked or treated by your software provider



ransparency  – I can’t tell who has been transacting on the system, whether the data integrity is in tact or even how secure our software is


Repetitive tasks – I spend much of my time doing the same onerous tasks over and over again


Integration  – My software is so flexible that it easily integrates with other systems


Customisation  – Customising my software to extend its capability or to personalise our experience is so easy it’s scary


Killer workflows – My software has an amazing workflow engine which enables me to automate critical processes including tasks, marketing messages and more




Old fashioned interface –  My software looks like it comes from the dark ages.  It’s boring to look at and clunky to use.


Real time information  – My software gives me real time information so that I am never working with lagging measurements




Truth  – I trust my software to give me the right information without me sense checking to verify

Revolting reporting  – It’s difficult to get any meaningful reports out of my system, and when I eventually do… it’s too hard to interpret and looks awful


Employee engagement – The system is so ugly and difficult to use that staff don’t go near it.


Accessibility – I can only use the system when I am in the office – or sometimes from another location using a crappy VPN line which takes forever to connect


Time delay – It takes so long to get meaningful information out of my system that by the time I have all my business intelligence it’s already way out of date





If you answered yes to questions 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 then you’re using spooky software – it’s ready to give up the ghost.



If you think it is time to treat yourself to new software then get in touch with Cofficient.     We will help you cross the sea of the dead and get your business back to the land of the living.