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PSA Software

Is Your Services Business Ready For PSA Software

What Is PSA Software And Are You Ready For It?


With every professional services business there comes a time where spreadsheets and manual-based processes are no longer efficient enough.  Smart managers will be able to identify when the business needs to move on to dedicated software that can help reduce benchmarks, improve profit margins, and streamline reporting capabilities.

Here are some of the key indicators that your business could be ready for PSA software:


  • You’ve Expanded to Multiple Offices

    Once a professional services business has expanded to more than one office, keeping track of important data and who has which skills can prove a mammoth task.  If no effort is made to integrate information, this can lead to knowledge pockets or data silos.  With improved visibility of information across the business, you can have better use of resources and ensure that skills and capabilities are not going underused.

  • You’re Over-Servicing Some Clients and Under-Servicing Others

    Although it is crucial to ensure clients are happy, it is not worthwhile to spend too much time on one client and then neglect another.  PSA software can streamline your processes so that you can complete all client work to benchmark standards.  Adding to this, with PSA software, businesses can easily track both hours spend on a client and who is their most profitable client.  This information can aid strategic decision making for senior managers.
  • You’re Over or Under Staffed

    If you think you have too much or too little staff, it may be time to consider adopting PSA software.  NetSuite’s PSA has resource management functions that can allow you to predict staffing bills better.  This ensures you are not overspending on your wage bill and ensuring client’s needs will be fulfilled appropriately.



Think your business is ready for PSA software?  At Cofficient we offer customisable software to suit your exact business needs.  Contact us today to find out more.