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Busier During the Festive Period? Here’s Why You Should Get Your Sales System in Place Now.

The run-up to December is the busiest time of year for many companies, especially if you’ve had to make business changes in how you operate as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  During these peak times, keeping up with customer demand is crucial to the success of your business.  Getting an efficient sales system in place is more important than ever in these turbulent times.  It can make your business operations run smoother and help your team keep up with the rising online demand of your customers.


At Cofficient, we know how important it is to provide your customers with an excellent sales experience, which is why our NetSuite CRM solutions are designed with you in mind.  As we approach what’s the busiest time of year for many, here’s why you should start thinking about optimising your sales process now.


Sales Forecasting

Have you thought about what revenue the coming months might bring?  With the coronavirus making people extremely uncertain about finances, knowing how this will affect your business is crucial.  With sales forecasting software, you’ll be able to gain accurate forecasts about your estimated sales.  In turn, this will help your business to prepare for Christmas during the pandemic.

Using sales forecasting, you’ll be able to predict how much stock you’ll need to meet demand, get real-time sales data, and even be able to scout out new opportunities during this busy time.  Getting organised with sales forecasting software now will help to prepare and manage your business for the Christmas rush.


Better Customer Service Management

Preparing to manage your customers over a pandemic Christmas will help provide them with a better customer experience.  As a result of the coronavirus, many customers will be switching to online methods of getting gifts.  Having a sales management system in place where customers can quickly complete transactions, get answers to questions, and flag issues will help to boost customer satisfaction and retention.


Easy Marketing Automation

On the run-up and during the busy Christmas period, we often don’t have time to spend brainstorming and manually creating marketing campaigns.  With an intelligent sales management system, you’ll be able to automate many of your marketing processes.

With NetSuite CRM, you’ll be able to create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics, purchase trends response patterns, and support histories.  This helps to save time whilst simultaneously providing your customers with a more personalised experience.


Identify High-Quality Leads

Using Sales Management Software will help you to identify high-quality leads quickly.  You’ll be able to see all your lead information in one place and be able to organise them accordingly.  Sales Management Software is crucial in assisting your sales team during busy periods like Christmas.

Because of the detrimental effects of the pandemic to many businesses, being able to follow-up on high-quality leads is more important than ever.  Using CRM, you can get full visibility and easily keep track of all your leads, meaning that you can maximise your sales and prevent any leads from falling through the cracks.


Why You Should Switch to Sales Management Software

The adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many businesses have had to adapt to a more virtual way of operating.  Using sales management software will help your business monitor and optimise every interaction you have with your customers.

With increased online demand during Christmas, sales management software will help you save time too.  It significantly helps improve productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive admin tasks.  What’s more, you’ll be able to get full visibility of your customer and easily track information.

Switching to sales management software before you hit the busy Christmas period will give you the advantage of sales forecasting software.  This year holds an uncertain future for businesses, but, with sales forecasting, you’ll be able to predict how busy you’re likely to be more accurately.


Are you ready to make the switch?  Get in touch with our experts to schedule a free consultation today.