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Why Start-Ups Choose NetSuite From Cofficient

Many young businesses gravitate toward using NetSuite to help them in their day-to-day operations.

With over 40,000 businesses using it worldwide, it’s no surprise that new businesses are following the example of other companies that have stood the test of time and have used Netsuite for years.

If you haven’t heard of NetSuite, in summary, it’s a leading cloud business software that supports a wide range of different industries and adapts seamlessly to businesses’ individual needs.

It makes IT far more manageable and significantly reduces the cost of its upkeep.  You can read more here if you want to familiarise yourself.

There is a common misconception that smaller, new businesses don’t have the budget for such software, but Netsuite is utilised widely by small, medium, and large companies.

Today, we will discuss some of the main reasons why small businesses are using NetSuite.



We’re going to jump right in and address the proverbial elephant in the room: money.

All businesses are mindful of their expenses, particularly younger companies who don’t have a bank account akin to a bottomless pit.

People often ask how much NetSuite costs and the short answer is: it varies.

If you are a new company with a limited budget, you can select what services and modules you want or need from NetSuite, and that way, you will get the help you need for a very reasonable price.

As your company grows, you can move towards a more extensive NetSuite package if you feel it would benefit you.  We previously blogged about the cost of NetSuite, which you can read here.


Easy Integration With NetSuite

One of NetSuite’s most convenient features is that it integrates well with other software applications.

NetSuite works perfectly with Salesforce, SkuVault and can also connect to databases like Oracle.

Using NetSuite Connector, you can map data between NetSuite and your other software, including e-commerce storefronts and point-of-sale systems.

Automating this data transfer eliminates the need for you to enter data manually.  This also removes the element of human error.


Automate Processes for Convenience

Another reason why companies are using NetSuite is for the convenience of automation.

Automation is up there with NetSuite’s most significant selling points.  It’s hand to input data into it and see it appear elsewhere without repeating the process however many times.

NetSuite automates your data across all processes, reducing the stress of manually doing it, giving you more time to focus on other matters.

This way, staff mistakes are far less likely to be made, meaning you won’t have a data-related disaster somewhere down the line.

For a young business, the automation of various processes means you can spend your time on the more important parts of running the company.


Scale Your Business

NetSuite can be the shot in the arm that up-and-coming businesses need to grow and prosper.

Scalability is a huge benefit of using the software.  As we previously touched on, you can start off with a fairly basic package if you are conscious of budget, but as NetSuite helps your business to grow and bring in more revenue, you can upgrade your package.

NetSuite has a multi-tiered packaging system with different features, and prices vary depending on how many users you want to access the system.

You may be small and starting right now, but let’s say you go global in a few years.  NetSuite can accommodate this through having access to multiple currencies and languages.

If you eventually grow your business horizontally, you can add more users, but if you expand vertically into different operations, you can add more modules to your NetSuite package instead.  It’s highly adaptable, irrespective of what direction your company will go in.


One System For Your Business

Another highly convenient aspect of what makes NetSuite so desirable for new businesses is its central hub for your business processes.  Companies generally have multiple systems running side-by-side, some of which don’t get along with one another.

The great thing about NetSuite is that it brings all of them together into one core.

NetSuite will highlight essential reports on data and statistics spanning all of your systems and means you can better hear from your employees in different departments as it will all be on NetSuite.


If you want to know more about how NetSuite can help your business, get in touch.