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VAR Partner or Vendor? Who Do I Buy My New Business Software From?

Who Do I Buy My New Business Software From?


If you are in the market for new business software, you ought to be able to buy your software of choice in two main ways.  You can buy it directly from the software vendor (Microsoft, SAP or NetSuite for example) or you can purchase the same software through a VAR (Value Added Reseller) Partner.


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Software Vendor


Customers often start off by talking to the software vendor directly.  Theirs is the well known name, the most optimised website and the company in the eco-system with the biggest marketing spend.   When searching for product information online, it is easy to happen across vendors’ sites and take tours, virtual demos and download collateral.  It can often feel like the safest route.



• The vendors are really big organisations and have a well-defined sales process which you can follow. You might get peace of mind from dealing with such a big supplier

• It can be a good place to start to get relevant and up to date information and to find out whether the software has relevant functionality for your business



• You will not get impartiality from the vendor

• You might also find that the vendor will prefer to get your license revenue than your implementation budget and farm out your implementation to a third party anyway

• Some software vendors are ruthless about only dealing with companies of a desired size or with a certain
budget. You might not look like an attractive prospect to them


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VAR Partner


A VAR (Value Added Reseller) Partner is so called because it is generally to be assumed they have some skill or attribute which is beneficial to your new business software, over and above the software reseller.  For example, they may have integration experience or they may have build product applications to extend the functionality of the software beyond the core product.

Here are some other pros, and a few cons, about using a VAR Partner to buy your new business software


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• A partner will often have additional experience

• Partners are usually smaller businesses and can be competitive with implementation rates

• The desire to win your business is typically greater meaning you are usually looked after very well

• You are more likely to find someone local (which helps tremendously for engagement during implementation and any follow up support)

• Using a local partner helps to support the local ecosystem



• The partner community network can be small depending on what software you are implementing

• You might want to “interview” partners to ascertain their experience and ability which can elongate the



Independent Consultant


There is a third approach when it comes to purchasing new business software, you can approach an independent consultant through your own community network.   You may also be able to get access to independent consultants through local government business schemes (such as Scottish Enterprise). The role of the consultant will be to analyse your business needs and make recommendations about both software and implementation specialist.

You will probably not be able to make the software purchase via the consultant, but he or she should be able to advise you of partners in the community who can purchase and implement the software with you.



• The consultant will come with lots of experience and will take into account elements of the project you may have overlooked

• You can also be confident that your advice will be completely impartial



• The more people you add to the project, the higher the cost and the lengthier the process

• The consultant might have a broad spectrum of knowledge but might lack depth of knowledge about your
chosen software


Cofficient is a VAR Partner for NetSuite and SAP Business ByDesign.  To talk to someone about your new business software project just get in touch.


Written by Emma Stewart – Sales & Marketing Director at Cofficient Ltd

We provision smart cloud based software for smart businesses.



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