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Distillery profitability

Using DMS to Maximise Your Distillery Profitability

Distillery managers are under constant pressure to grow the distillery, drive sales, and ultimately maximise profit.  Distilling is often a complex and tricky process.  Often things go wrong out of the blue.  Managers are constantly looking for ways to safeguard the business from unexpected challenges and keep the stakeholders happy.  Here are some of the innovative ways that you can use Distillery Management Software (DMS) to drive distillery profitability:


Use DMS to cut admin costs

DMS often has the capability to do all your admin in one place.  You can store reports, export documentation, do your invoicing and even calculate your overheads all at the touch of a button.  This reduces the time you spend looking for information as it is all in a centralised system.  Using the financial functions reduces your chances of making numeric errors and having to start from scratch.  This also improves customer satisfaction as when they receive an invoice, there are no problems.  Additionally, this ensures that everything can be sealed and signed off in a timely manner, often improving cash flow for the business.

On another note, this will significantly reduce your time spent doing mundane admin, and you can focus this time to plan the strategy for growing your business.  Not to forget, Global Accounting and Consolidation means that you can reduce your close-time and reduce the amount of overtime you need to pay out to workers.


Reduce the chance of missing stock

Due to DMS having cutting edge technology that allows you to track the precise location of all your resources, this significantly reduces your chances of casks going missing.  When a distillery is operating at a medium to large scale, distiller could be handling hundreds of casks at any one time.  It is easy to see how things can be misplaced in a busy warehouse.  Missing product could be very costly for a warehouse and missing available casks could reduce production capabilities.  DMS gives managers peace of mind that they can keep track of where everything is on any given day.


Cofficient have built a DMS on the NetSuite platform which is fully cloud-based and has every distillers need in mind.  Want a demo?  Contact us today to see how we can help.