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IT Support

Top Complaints About IT Support

What Frustrates You About IT Support?

“It takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose one” – Vince Lombardi.

IT Support is the front line for any technical or support issues experienced.

When IT Support fail to provide their customers with a positive experience not only will their customer satisfaction drop, but customers are also more inclined to complain.

Research suggests that 13% of unhappy customers will share their complaint with 15 or more people.

It is important to address customer complaints effectively to prevent you from losing customer or causing any damage to your brand’s reputation.


Here are the top common complaints about IT Support:


  1. Problems with an automated service and chatbots

    An automated service such as a chatbot provides the support team with features that streamline operations and can automatically perform tasks.

    However, when services are automated, many customers find that it immediately loses the human touch or your support strategy.  This means it becomes impersonal, lacks empathy and attentiveness.

    As well as losing the human touch, poor configuration of the system will likely damage your customer relationship.

    For example, it can infuriate a customer when the system does not recognise a customer’s request or fails to understand the concerning matter.

    This often leads to customer complaints and ultimately disengaging from your brand.

  2. Problems with the Call

    It is understandable that any detailed issues will require more time to resolve.  However, let’s be honest, no one enjoys making too many calls to fix one issue.

    When a customer calls the IT support team, they don’t like getting passed around multiple departments when they need urgent assistance.  Many of them expect their issue to be settled immediately.

    As a matter of fact, studies found that if a service request is fulfilled during the first interaction, 67% of customer’s agitation can be prevented.

    Therefore, it is best practice for IT support to try and fix a customer’s query first time.

  3. Problems with the Support Desk

    Slow responses from the support desk can lead to customer complaints as they feel their query is receiving a lack of attention, which can leave a bad impression for any future business.

    Support staff need to be trained and have knowledge and expertise.  If staff are not trained it will negatively impact on operations and may result in the customer being less inclined to deal with your business again.

    Customer expect fast response times when they require technical assistance as it makes them feel valued.

  4. Problems with Offshore Call Centres

    Offshore Call Centres can leave your customer feeling undervalued as their issues are not being directly resolved by the business.

    Customers want a quick solution to their problem.  However, communication can be difficult and take time when the person on the other end has a strong foreign accent leading to a customer not understanding what they are meaning.

    With staff using poor quality phone lines and reading from scripts in poor English, it can irritate your customers.  Especially when someone provides you with irrelevant scripted answers.

  5. Expensive Support

    When using after-sale support a premium rate service is often adopted to reduce the number of complaints or issues.

    As customers want immediate assistance, it doesn’t help when they need to pay additional charges for trouble-shooting their problems.

  6. Trying to Upsell

    When customers want a solution to their support issue, it can come across as annoying and unhelpful when they are being sold to.

    IT Support should be trying to solve issues and not upselling any additional products or services.

    In conclusion, you can turn customer complaints to your advantage.  This is because the feedback provides you with insights to improve your own operations and boost customer satisfaction levels.

    All customer want is an effective solution to their problem.

    At Cofficient, customers are at the centre of our business.  Whenever there is an issue out pursuit for a solution is relentless.


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