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Finance Leadership

How Finance Leadership Pays Off

Small And Mid-Size Companies Can Boost Performance Through Finance


Small and mid-size companies are often more innovative and agile than their larger competitors.  They can leverage the talents of their smaller workforce more readily.  They can seize new opportunities quickly, without having to dismantle large bureaucracies or legacy systems.  This means the finance function at these companies has ample opportunities to increase efficiency, boost performance, and become a strategic partner.

How To Stay Ahead Of The Pack


In this Oxford Economics whitepaper, we discuss 6 traits that make a Finance Leader:


  1. Have strong influence beyond the finance function
  2. Drive strategic growth initiatives
  3. Improve efficiency with automation
  4. Are very effective at core finance processes
  5. Collaborate regularly with business units across the entire company
  6. Work closely with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and are well equipped to handle regulatory changes



Read this whitepaper to find out more about


  • The Growth Opportunity
  • The Right Tools For The Job
  • The Collaboration Advantage
  • Overcoming Obstacles



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