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Milan Molnar

Spotlight on Milan Molnar: Senior NetSuite Consultant

Spotlight on Milan Molnar – Senior NetSuite Consultant


Each month, Cofficient do a “spotlight on” feature about one of our valued employees.


This month, we shine a light on Milan Molnar, our Senior NetSuite Consultant





Milan Molnar



What did you study at college/uni?


Mathematics and Computer science… but I’m not a geek (honest)!



How is your degree relevant to what you do today?


I can be very precise in my work and I’m comfortable taking on intricate and complex problems. I enjoy battling with ideas that are hard to understand and problems that are hard to solve.



Where are you from?:


Košice, Eastern Slovakia



How did you end up in Scotland?


I used to work for a small IT company in London.  I was there for 8 years, but when I was approached by Cofficient Ltd it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.  It seemed logical to relocate to Scotland because my wife is Scottish and we’re happy to be closer to her family now.



What’s your role at Cofficient?


I am a Senior NetSuite Consultant.  I get involved in implementations, support and customisations.  I have a lot of experience with SAP too so I also get involved with our SAP customers.



Tell us about some of the projects you’ve worked on over the years


Some of my roles have included project management, analyst and solution architect responsibilities.  I have a number of medium and large scale projects under my belt.   My back ground is in warehouse management systems as well as supply chain.  But I have also implemented ERP and CRM.   I really enjoyed being responsible for architecting solutions for the likes of leading designer and furniture manufacturers to the UK’s largest oriental grocer.   Every business is different and I really love getting under the skin of a business.



What do you like most about your job?


I’ve replaced Sage with SAP, and Nav with NetSuite; my favourite part is always when I see the company’s relationship with their software move from toxic to tickled.  I love being part of that.



What do you like most about working at Cofficient?


Specialising in the Cloud ERP global leader NetSuite,  is something I wanted to do for a while before coming to Cofficient.  I enjoy working as part of a small and efficient team.  And “Fat Friday” is a winner for me too!



What are your aspirations?


I’m passionate and excited about Artificial Intelligence and cloud technology.  I am looking forward to working on some developments with AI, Cloud and the NetSuite system.



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