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Spotlight on: Dino Mijatovic Cloud Software Consultant

Spotlight on:  Dino Mijatovic Cloud Software Consultant


Each month, Cofficient do a “spotlight on” feature about one of our valued employees.


This month, we shine a light on our own “shining light”, Dino.


Plucked straight from Strathclyde University (even before he achieved his first class degree with distinction in Advanced Computer Science) Dino has been with Cofficient for over a year.  He is our youngest member of staff.





Dino Mijatovic


Where were you born?


I’m Bosnian, but I was born in Tripoli, Libya




How long have you lived here?


I’ve been in Glasgow for about 4 years


When did you graduate?


I graduated from the University of Strathclyde in November last year (2016) with an MSc in Advanced Computer Science.  I was very proud to graduate with distinction.


Why did you choose that particular course?


Honestly?  I thought it would open up job opportunities for me.  I guess I was right because Cofficient found me and offered me part time employment while I was still at University.  It was great because it meant I had already found full time employment before  even graduating.   I also wanted to gain exposure to a wider mix of technologies than I had experienced at Abertay University (which is where I did my undergraduate course).


Did you feel prepared for employment?


Well, yeah.   I think working part time while I was studying was the best preparation for full time employment.  It meant I could hit the ground running – and I already had a few projects under my belt and a few customers I was already working with by the time I joined full time.    But I have been living and working in Glasgow, as a student, for a long time so didn’t only want employment… I was ready for it!


What are your main responsibilities in your post as Cloud Software Consultant?


Mostly I develop the cloud based solutions (typically NetSuite) to meet our clients’ objectives.  NetSuite’s a really extensible solution, it can be made to do lots of different things depending on the client’s requirements.  But someone’s got to programme it to achieve that.  I get involved with different requirements from data migration, to light customisation and sometimes integration projects.


Who do you report in to?


I’m responsible to Ben Hille who is our Senior Developer.  Ben works remotely from Sheffield but we talk every day and communicate with Slack.  That’s the beauty of cloud based software; it doesn’t matter where you physically sit.  That said, he comes up to Glasgow for a week every month (he’s a big advocate of Fat Friday) and when he’s not around, there are plenty of other people in the office to fall back on if I need help.


Sorry… Fat Friday?


On a Friday we usually get pizza delivered to the office at lunch time.  Or sometimes it’s a roll a sausage for breakfast.


How did you find your current role?


Cofficient advertised using the University vacancies platform.   The role looked really appealing and I posted my CV within 24 hours of seeing it online.  I figured it would be good interview practice if nothing else.  I believe there were lots of applicants.  I was delighted to get an interview, never mind get the job!


What’s your career ambition?


Software development feels like a good mix between creative and logical problem solving.  Software developers also appear to be in hih demand (which heavily influenced my decision when choosing a degree).  Having only been out of uni a year, my ambitions are solely to do with developing my skills and exposing myself to as many learning experiences as possible.  Without that I won’t know where to take my career.


What do you like most about working at Cofficient?


It’s a massive learning experience.  I’m constantly being exposed to new web technologies, I’m always problem solving and using new software platforms to develop.

It’s great working in a business where your contribution is noticed and where you can see the impact of the work that you do.

It’s a really tight knit team.  And everyone is really rooting for each other, and for the customers.  That makes a real difference to me.


What do you do when you’re not customising Cloud at Cofficient?


I’ve just taken drumming lessons (a Christmas gift from my girlfriend).  I enjoyed it so much I’ve invested in a good quality electric drum kit.  We have an office ukulele which gets trotted out from time to time.  Paul Grant likes to play that.  Paul Tindal plays the guitar and Emma Stewart got a Cajon for Christmas so I’m ever hopeful we can start an office band.    I’m told we have to move office because we are too big for the space we have.  In truth I think that our neighbours might have complained about the noise…. between Fat Friday and the ukulele playing, I reckon we must have had at least one or two complaints!


We are always recruiting for great talent.  If you are interested in working at Cofficient please send us your CV.  CVs must include your favourite pizza topping and information about your musical ability (bass players will be looked upon more favourably)


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