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Six Reasons You Need to Unify Your Waste Management & Business Systems

There are many challenges to overcome and the Waste Industry is one of the most regulated. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are here to build a profitable business!

The waste management industry was one of the earliest to invest in systems to support sorting and tracking of waste and vehicle fleets. The trouble is these systems are bolt-on solutions which leave other functions to fill the gaps. Here are six reasons you need to unify your waste management and business systems.

1. General Data Protection Regulations (25th May 2018)

Gone are the days of different people holding different information on different systems. Now your systems need to ensure that customers consent is obtained and when a change is needed that needs to flow right through the company, instantly, to ensure that every part of your business is compliant.

2. Unhappy Customers

Usually, the first sign of stress between systems is when something doesn’t happen and the first thing you know about it when an unhappy customer complains. Unfortunately, most systems are point systems. They are designed for certain functions of the business and don’t link with others. Cofficient’s ERP and CRM systems have been specially designed for the needs of the Waste Management industry, with integrated modules, including finance, HR, Purchasing, all linked by powerful workflow engines that ensure with just a couple of clicks, information gets to the right people.

3. Reporting Errors

Have you ever noticed that reports from different areas of your business don’t match or seem to take a lot of work to be correct? Often reporting systems are pieced together or require a data dump to be sent from one to another. The result can be different reporting timescales over different time periods.  With Cofficient’s ERP and CRM Systems, everyone uses the same real-time data, ensuring co-ordination and up-to-date reporting produced right across the business in seconds.

4. Where the money is tied-up

Inventory, Materials, Machinery and Supplies (Assets) are the second biggest cost to a business. Knowing exactly what your Assets are, where they are and what condition they are in, can make or break a business. Cofficient’s AssetUnity product tracks everything and even maps them so that you can see where they are and who has them at a glance. These can be linked to customer contracts, pricing, service and you can instantly see which assets are producing a suitable return.

5. How profitable is your fleet

How profitable are your fleet of vehicles? Our fleet service module allows you to schedule and determine the cost to maintain vehicles. As this is integrated with our financial module you can tell the total cost to run and maintain and how profitable each vehicle actually is. In fact with Asset management mapping and scheduling, you see at a glance which are the most profitable and which are best utilised. Now all you have to do is eat, sleep and repeat across your fleet.

6. A Staffing headache

Managing people can be the most time-consuming job of all. Let us make your life a little easier. With our Field module service, you have drivers to sign in, create a standard checklist for each (or all) vehicles, send job details to a drivers mobile and even automate Duty of Care notes, delivery notes and invoices. All to ensure the minimum human errors and admin burden on your customer, while at the same time make sure that you make money too. To top it off these are integrated directly with our finance and HR modules, linking employee performance to bonuses and commission. A little more carrot and a little less stick!

We give more so that you can do more!

More Growth

  • Increase leads up to 5 times faster with our GDPR compliant integrated CRM systems.
  • With Marketing Automation, reduce the sales to order time and do more.
  • Vehicle and asset mapping let you track them and identify those producing the best return.
  • Automated Invoicing and credit control make sure you get paid on time.
  • Remote sign-in and work order system manage who and where staff need to be.

Find out what more you can do at or contact one of our cloud solutions consultants on Tel: 0845 6439 126