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netsuite demand planning

See Into The Future With NetSuite Demand Planning

Having a sound strategy, efficient processes, a great product or top employees are all vital elements of a successful business.  What are all of these things dependent on?  Information.  Having the correct information at the right time is integral to a business’ success.  Without information we wouldn’t be able to evaluate our past success or predict what will happen next.

For example, if a fashion retailer was to have the information that there was going to be a particular warm month within a region they operated in, they could plan accordingly.  This information, paired with the intel of a consumer preference for bright clothing, could be used to adapt designs and increase production of this style of clothing so that it hits the stores just as the warm weather approaches.  This retailer would beat competitors who had failed to carefully assess all of the information available.

Predicting demand for a product is necessary for planning capacity, staffing, cash flow, reducing waste and even deciding profit margins.  Prediction of demand is now available with NetSuite Cloud ERP.  NetSuite Cloud ERP provides a complete solution for demand planning and uses data such as customer preferences, geographic trends, past sales data as well as business intelligence to pinpoint when and what product is needed, and in which region.


Five Steps of NetSuite Demand Planning

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  1. Calculate Demand: the ERP system will calculate the exact demand for products.
  2. Generate Demand Plans: based on predictions, the demands are generated and presented.
  3. Calculate Supply: supply is calculated by the business using the inventory position and availability of raw materials or finished goods.
  4. Generate Supply Plans: the supply plan can then be generated in a single click.
  5. Approve: the system will generate either planned orders, released orders or firm orders, and this leads to the start of the fulfillment process.


This has only scratched the surface of how NetSuite’s Demand Planning can help you optimise your business.  You can request a free consultation with a Supply Chain Specialist and find out how we can help your business.