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SAP Have Re-imagined Board Meetings… You’ll be Anything but Bored!

I had the pleasure of spending the day at the SAP Dublin offices through the week.    Invited over as part of a sales acceleration programme, I sat in a room with other SAP Partners – of all flavours – to learn from SAP.

SAP Digital Boardroom

The stand out event was, for me, the product demonstration of SAP Digital Boardroom.  They have re-imagined the boardroom experience; it will leave you anything but bored!

Three large monitors, embedded into the wall, displayed intelligent graphics including KPIs, sales funnels, charts and graphs of key business information.  Each screen was interactive and allowed the user to drill down on the information, examining the minutia of the data behind the graphic, and all in a heartbeat.  It’s only because of the amazing processing power of SAP HANA platform that this is even possible.


Linking AI into the demonstration, SAP asked Alexa to drill into the information for us.

“Alexa, show me fleet management for EMEA region”

Showing fleet management for EMEA”

“Alexa, now show me fuel consumption for that region”

Showing fuel consumption”

“Alexa, show me total cost savings across electric vehicles”

Showing cost savings for EMEA”

“Thanks Alexa”

Any time”

Meanwhile, the large monitors morphed and changed in front of our very eyes to represent the correct visual data as asked for.



The key for me, is that the application of this software is much further reaching than just a boardroom meeting.

Imagine using these monitors on your manufacturing shop floor?  Or in your fast paced sales environment?  Imagine using it to help you run the HR of your blue chip organisation?

It’s not just game changing….. it’s changing work into a game.


Written by Emma Stewart – Sales and Marketing Director at Cofficient

Cofficient are the only SAP partner in EMEA to be awarded Recognised Expertise status (SAP REX) for three areas; Financial Management, Healthcare and the Business ByDesign product.

To find out how much of a game changer SAP could be to you, get in touch