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How YouGov Stays Up To Date With NetSuite

YouGov Achieves Significant Growth With NetSuite ERP


A Cloud system like NetSuite ERP provides automatic and seemless upgrades in the cloud, ensuring businesses benefit from the latest ERP features without losing customisation.

After using on-premise ERP systems, YouGov chose NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP platform to help it achieve significant growth.  Since moving to NetSuite ERP solution, YouGov has increased revenues by 53% while adding just six administrative staff.

The market research firm can now rapidly integrate acquisitions and transact in numerous currencies and languages, enabled by a single always up-to-date system.

Grow your business globally – discover how NetSuite has helped YouGov


NetSuite’s cloud ERP solution eliminates the problems your organisation faces when upgrading.  With cloud, automatic standardised updates enable faster and easier upgrades, eliminating downtime and freeing resources so you can get on with growing your business.


Be always up to date with NetSuite – download our YouGov case study.


“We have an integrated view of financials, sales and customers and integrated processes from end to end.  The single version of the truth we have with NetSuite is extremely valuable” – YouGov



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