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Home Alone: Saved By The Cloud

As we enter the festive season of Christmas and New Year, all of us want to spend time with our family and friends.  While it is essential to maintain a work-life balance, one cannot deny the fact that businesses never stop and work needs to be done.

Today, we are fortunate to have technologies like cloud computing that can help us spend time with our family even if our work schedule does not allow us a vacation.

Over the Christmas period, business can be quiet for many companies.  Except for the usual Christmas rush for retail and hospitality, many companies quieten down over Christmas.  Business doesn’t necessarily shut down but it definitely quietens down.


Cloud Cover

With cloud computing an employee can easily login to his/her account and access the files he/she needs to work.  They can access this data saved on the cloud from any internet enabled device – a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop.

You may not be restricted to a specific location.  Thus, allowing an employee to have access to relevant information from anywhere on a single platform.

Depending on the department, business unit and level, this access can be controlled for employees.

This is where cloud really comes into its own.  It isn’t uncommon for some businesses to have a rota system in place where one member of staff comes into the office to hold the fort or is on call waiting by their mobile phone.

Before cloud software, a business would need employees to physically go into the office and log into the system and update orders, queries and requests which have come in over the holiday.

With cloud computing, working from home has never been easier.  Employees can now sit in their house with any internet enabled device – a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop – and enjoy the Christmas spirit without the dread of sitting in an office alone.  This means that information can be accessed anywhere and – depending on the department – this can be controlled.

Collaboration is another huge benefit of cloud computing.  Anytime and anywhere, employees can work on files simultaneously and see real time updates.  This means that one employee can access the files on their laptop at home, another on their tablet on the way to visiting family and another on their phone in the supermarket getting last minute supplies for their New Year party.

All of this together, provides a seamless way of working which prevents inboxes being clogged for the return to work and eliminates the chance of any miscommunication between different departments of the business.  Overall, cloud computing provides a freedom and flexibility to ensure that businesses can enjoy the festive period while ensuring that no customer are disappointed.

Since cloud computing gives online access to your work anytime, you can complete your task as per your flexibility.  With real-time synchronization, you can also avoid miscommunication and a long chain of emails.  So this Christmas make the most of cloud technology to make your family, as well as your customers, happy!

To talk to someone about how the cloud can enable your workforce and prevent breaks in your service, get in touch.