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Distillers ERP

Here’s Why Distillers Need More Than ERP

Distillers come to us with the belief that they don’t need specific distillery software.  They believe that their existing ERP system covers everything they need.  In reality, ERP systems lack many of the functions which distillery management software (DMS) has.  ERP systems alone do not have the level of detail needed to manage the complex distillery processes.  This is due to ERP not being designed for this purpose.


Do you have an existing ERP system and wish to improve its capabilities?  You can invest in an extension D<S that complements your existing software.


Distillery Software versus ERP

  1. ERP systems alone lack accurate bulk management capabilities.  Distillers will always want to stay profitable and minimise wastage.  In order to do this, you;ll need to have access to detailed and precise bulk management software.  This allows you to have visibility of location, content and value for every cask in the warehouse.  Unlike ERP systems, DMS gives managers access to detailed centralised cask-level information.  This stops distillers from relying on manual spreadsheets and logbooks to keep track of stock.  The main benefit of this is information will not get mixed up or lost.
  2. ERP systems alone lack cask-level information.  Generic ERP solutions lack cask-specific information.  Distillers who use ERP then need to create processes for storing additional information.  Manual-based systems are the result.  These are not fool-proof or time-efficient.


DMS gives distillers access to detailed information about the history of what was in a cask.  This is vital during the storage process to maintain quality and consistency between batches  This also allows distilers to plan for future batches.


Cofficient have built an extension to NetSuite.  This system is the only software that will allow you to track whisky and the cask.  Data is accessible anywhere and anytime.  This is due to our DMS being the only cloud-based solution for distillers.  The solution helps distillers to better plan, minimise loss and damages as well as have the detailed data to hand which stakeholders and investors will want to see.


The distillery extension is excellent for managing the distilling process. Another benefit is the easy integration with much of your existing software.


Want to find out more about Cofficient and our DMS?  Contact our friendly team to find out more.