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Drive Business Profitability

Get Back Into the Driving Seat of Your Business

Pimp Your Business – Innovative Luxury for The Business Entrepreneur Who Wants to Get Back Into the Driving Seat of Their Business

You wouldn’t drive the same car every day for 10 years and expect a different experience so why run your business with the same software and expect different results?

Drive your business forward in 2018.

Whether you are looking for comfort, practicality, affordability or value for money, ERP software gives you a Ferrari experience and tangible results. Here’s a useful buying guide with all the latest features:

All terrain – Monitor your business environment with ease and react quickly to bumps in the road. ERP helps you adjust your business settings to suit any terrain.

All weather – A little bit of snow or heavy rainfall won’t slow you down. You won’t have to worry about making the journey into work because you can operate your business software from any location. (Read about remote working)

Great visibility – Shifting up or down a gear in plenty of time gives you the best competitive advantage. Nothing beats a good vantage point, which is what you will get with a single version of the truth – a bird’s eye view of your business performance 24/7 and in real time. It’s a bit like having LED headlamps

Bespoke Exterior – You are in the driving seat when you configure the software to fit your business. Change the look and feel of the software so it reflects your brand and your terminology. All forms and screens are fully configurable so that it most closely reflects your own business needs – no need to shoehorn yourself into a model which doesn’t reflect your business or your personality.

Multi Capacity Seating ­– Role based subscriptions allows you to set up as many licenses as required for your business. From finance to sales to manufacturing – whatever kind of role you have in your business, you can bring as many people on the journey as you need.

Innovative Dashboard – Role based dashboards provide you with real time business intelligence, which is fully customisable, using simple and intuitive drag and drop technology. Dashboards are also customisable for each employee to enhance user engagement and to help people monitor the KPIs which are important for their role. (Discover the NetSuite Dashboard)

Reliability – Unlike other providers, NetSuite publish their uptime and are pleased to announce a 99.96% uptime (Feb 18) proving that you really can run your business 365 days of the year.

Safety – ERP solutions come with comprehensive security standards SSAE 16 (SOC1), PCI-DSSS and US-EU Safe Harbour frameworks. Your subscription also includes stringent round the clock monitoring tools, controls and policies as well as a dedicated tenured security team to ensure that your business has the strongest security possible. Your software safety model and risk management processes are designed according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISRO 2700 series of standards.

Options & Accessories – A wide range of offline apps are available which can plug in to your business to give you additional functionality.

Low Running Costs- with software as a service you pay for what you use. Plus, you can ditch your servers and maintenance contracts too.

CO2 Emissions – reduce the environmental impact of your IT by moving to the cloud

Hybrid Enabled – Get your “best fit” architecture by using hybrid hosting

Headroom – Plenty of headroom for successful business owners who are improving their self-esteem alongside business profitability.


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