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Fear of Failure Holding Back Software Project

Is Fear of Failure Holding Your Software Project Back?

Is Fear of Failure Holding You Back?


Every business which has implemented a new software system has done so to alleviate some pain they might have been experiencing.  Perhaps they’ve just hired their third intern to cope with the amount of data input required. Maybe they lack confidence in their business intelligence.   It might be the pain of having to duplicate and triplicate information across the business, or even the lack of joined-up working.  At some point each of these businesses declared “Enough!” and chose a different route.

This usually happens when the pain of the current system surpasses the expected pain of implementing a new system.  Or to put it another way, when the fear of failure stops holding them back.


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Pain vs Fear


Sure, a new system implementation can be painful.  It takes you away from your day job.  In order to move forward, you are forced to be more introspective, to criticise your existing situation.  Cue large amounts of discomfort.   It’s a bit like a trip to a therapist or a cosmetic dentist.  It might be uncomfortable at first, but you put yourself through the pain to enjoy the benefits on the other side.

But it’s not really the anticipated pain which holds you back from making the decision to move forward.  It’s fear.   Think of every big decision you have ever made in your life.  At some point you’ve probably overcome the fear and trepidation you have felt in order to “take the plunge”.




There’s a concept called Fear of Failure Procrastination.  Its definition is:  allowing fear to stop you from doing things that can move you forward.

It’s important to acknowledge the anxiety which comes with making big decisions such as implementing new ERP software. But it is just as important to move past it, otherwise you’re just not moving at all.

Here are some ways you can start to overcome the procrastination:

  • Acknowledge that you are unhappy with your existing software.  Agree with yourself that it is holding you back and creating unnecessary challenges within your business
  • Start to investigate alternatives – even if it is just for a few minutes a day or one hour per week.  Look into what else is out there, slowly start to arm yourself with more information; even if you agree with yourself not to act on it just yet
  • Research other people’s experiences of software implementation projects.  Examine both the good and the bad with a view to learning the obvious pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Set yourself a deadline for moving from research phase into full blown search and select phase.  Make this deadline far enough in the future to achieve all of the above, but not so far in the future that you lose interest or momentum


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Who Dares, Wins


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.  Playing safe does not great success stories make.

If you re-think your risk and consider some of the many benefits a better software system can bring to your business, you might find your only regret is not acting sooner.


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Written by Emma Stewart – Sales & Marketing Director at Cofficient Ltd

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