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NetSuite solution

Empowering Businesses with NetSuite Solutions

Businesses are constantly striving to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve sustainable growth.  Cofficient, a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions, is dedicated to empowering businesses with Oracle NetSuite solutions that drive success in the digital age.  Through their expertise and tailored services, Cofficient helps businesses unlock their true potential and navigate the challenges of the modern business world. 


Scaling Your Business with Cofficient’s Comprehensive Business Solutions 

Cofficient understands the unique challenges faced by businesses and offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to address them effectively.  From optimising financial management to streamlining supply chain processes and improving customer relationship management, Cofficient’s solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each business.  By leveraging the power of Oracle NetSuite, businesses can scale efficiently, seize growth opportunities, and achieve sustainable success. 


Enhancing Business Productivity through Cofficient’s Dedicated Support Services 

Cofficient goes beyond software solutions; they are committed to ensuring the success of their partners.  With their dedicated support services, businesses can rely on Cofficient’s expert team for ongoing assistance, training, and troubleshooting.  Whether it’s customising the software to meet specific requirements or resolving technical issues promptly, Cofficient’s support services enable businesses to maximise their productivity and focus on their core operations. 


Empowering Scottish Businesses: Case Studies of Success 

Cofficient has a strong track record of empowering businesses across various industries.  Here are a few notable case studies showcasing how Cofficient has made a difference:

  • Case Study 1: Calnex

Calnex Solutions, a telecom synchronisation test solutions provider, turned to Cofficient and NetSuite to overcome increasing business complexity and customer demands.  By implementing NetSuite, Calnex gained a unified, scalable platform that offered real-time visibility, improving agility and business continuity.  With NetSuite’s flexibility, Calnex optimised processes, accommodated customer specifications, and achieved significant growth in transaction volumes and revenue.  Cofficient’s support throughout the implementation played a crucial role in Calnex’s success, and they continue to work together to drive further growth.

  • Case Study 2: Net Zero Technology Centre

Net Zero Technology Centre had been searching for new financial software for a number of months.  Cofficient introduced Net Zero Technology Centre to NetSuite because of a specific requirement for statistical accounting in finance software, but over time it became clear that NetSuite could replace much of the existing software including Microsoft Project and CRM.   The team at Net Zero Technology Centre have selected an SRP vertical of NetSuite, giving them access to project management, project accounting and advanced financial features.

  • Case Study 3: Ooni Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Outdoor cookware company Ooni has partnered with Cofficient to implement NetSuite, streamlining operations and integrating with multiple solutions.  With a focus on becoming the top pizza oven brand, Ooni selected NetSuite for its ability to integrate with specific solutions and provide a fully integrated system. Cofficient’s expertise in delivery and integration, including with Shopify and Amazon, will support Ooni in gaining better information, streamlining operations, and making strategic decisions based on accurate data. This partnership accelerates Ooni’s growth plan and ambitions.


Cofficient has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimise their operations and achieve sustainable growth.  By leveraging Oracle NetSuite solutions and their expertise, Cofficient empowers businesses to overcome challenges, enhance productivity, and seize opportunities in the digital age.  Through real-world case studies, it is evident that Cofficient has a proven track record of delivering tangible results and enabling businesses to thrive.  By partnering with Cofficient, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape and achieve long-term success.

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