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Distillers – Is Your Inventory Management Losing You Money?

Distilling in the UK is on the rise with increasing global demand for Scottish and Irish Whisky and Gin.  This has led to many new distillers seeing this opportunity and setting up shop.  Like most businesses, these new distillers usually quickly identify the need for some form of accounting software to keep track of ingoings and outgoings.  However, they tend to neglect having any kind of distillery specific inventory management software.  It’s common for young distilleries to manage their inventory and stock on manual spreadsheets.  Over time, this can prove costly for business operations, so why not start with software that will support your distillery as it grows?


Surpassing Spreadsheets

There comes a point during business growth where spreadsheets are no longer a viable option to keep track of inventory.  Often, this happens when distillery staff have got so mixed up with their spreadsheets that it has become a logistical nightmare.  They are losing important information due to data entry errors, and they are losing track of stock.  Their manual spreadsheets are costing them time, as well as limiting their capacity to grow at the rate they could be.


Distillery specific inventory management software allows distillers to have a direct link between wood and liquid, stock transfer, dumpint cask to vat, store export documentation as well as knowing exactly where all the inventory is.  With all this data stored in the one place, distillers can have everything they need at their fingertips.  This can be extremely useful in fine-tuning production, streamlining processes and keeping key stakeholders up to date.  Adding to this, staff will be more satisfied at work as they don’t have to slog through lots of manual data entry and spreadsheets every day.


How Can Cofficient Help?

Cofficient have developed a cloud-based ERP solution built for distilleries.  The software has been built with a distillers every need at the forefront.  Built on the NetSuite platform, Cofficient’s Distillery Management Software is the only software currently on the market which will allow you to fully track spirit and cask.  It is also the only cloud-based solution for distilleries with built-in financials.  This means that data will not be lost and avoids duplication of information across the company.


We are passionate about helping distillers maximise their potential and offer ongoing support if you come into any problems.

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