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Death Star Runs on SAP

Death Star II Runs on SAP

The Force is Strong with SAP ByD…… May the 4th be with you

Previously known as the Ultimate Weapon, the Death Star I was defeated by Luke Skywalker in his T-65B X-wing Starfighter.   Not to be deterred, the Sith studiously rebuilt their Ultimate Weapon and have been using SAP ByD to make it even more ultimate.

Here General  Maximilian Veers explains why the Sith took the decision to deploy SAP ByD in Death Star II to ensure its safe running.

“The decision to use on-demand software was an easy one for us.   As our needs develop we want to be able to expand the use of the software so on-demand works for us.  As soon as we identify a weakness in our supply chain management or logistics we want it closed down.  SAP ByD is a rapid deployment solution so we know that it covers our needs now and future – and quickly”

Explaining their decision to use SAP Veer says, “Vader is very efficient.  He won’t deal with second best.  SAP is best of breed software so there was no real alternative for us”.

Talking about their use of SAP software Veer is a bit cagier.  “Clearly I can’t give sensitive information about the running of the Death Star but we use SAP for our financial management, supply chain management and human resources management.  Dealing with the administration for 30,984 Stormtroopers would be impossible without this software.  Likewise, Robotic droids are built to serve but sometimes get ideas above their station so we use compliance management to keep them in line.  Normally compliance management is used for legal regulations but, obviously, we are above the law.”

“Death Star also uses SAP for inventory management.  We have 15,000 turbolaser batteries and 768 tractor beam emplacements which need to be operational at any one time.  TIE Starfighters frequently patrol the air space around the Death Star to ensure everything is operational so that replacements are made quickly.  SAP keeps inventory in check and ensures stock levels are kept to up to date by automatically notifying suppliers when stock is low.  A chink in our armoury could lead to our destruction.”

Understandably the most pressing concern for General Maximilian Veer is that of security, “5 years ago a band of Lothal Rebels managed to attack a supply convoy carrying essential crystals – destroying them in the process.  Our enemies must not be able to intercept our supply chain in the future.”  He goes on, “The Jedi must not find out what we are planning to build” he says of Death Star II “using cloud software is the easiest way to ensure our security and SAP data centres are one of the most secure in the universe.  Whilst we continue to build out Death Star functionality we need to feel secure that that our details are safe – even from those Jedi whose force is strong”

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Written by General Emma Stewart of Planet Cofficient


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