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Businesses Run Better On NetSuite

Businesses Run Better On NetSuite

Improved Results From Businesses Like Yours


Many businesses are still managing financials on Excel spreadsheets or old, stand alone applications which are having a detrimental effect on efficiency.  They are being caught off guard by the pace of change in the digital era.  The limits of poorly integrated, restricted-functionality and outdated tools and processes can quickly become serious threats.

SL Associates interviewed some existing NetSuite customers to find out what triggers set them on their journey to source new software.  They identified the following:

  • Rapid company growth
  • Expansion into a new product or business line
  • International expansion
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Going public


Most NetSuite customers interviewed also identified the following challenges:

  • Financial Management: All companies need to manage their finances in ways that ensure accuracy, speed and efficiency
  • Business Visibility: They need complete visibility into the full range of their operations, both in real time to seize opportunities or counter threats, and over time to identify positive or negative trends.
  • IT Management: They need IT operations – either internally or cloud-based – that are flexible, always available and closely aligned with business requirements.


In this SL Associates research paper, read about the impact NetSuite has had on Business Visibility, Financial Management and IT Management and Resources.

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