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Black friday erp

Black Friday ERP

Black friday provides the opportunity to increase profit from sales and gives businesses the chance to promote themselves ahead of Christmas.  It can be a stressful time for companies, with demand skyrocketing due to price cuts and deals.

With all the busyness, the last thing you want is the unpleasant bonus of using poor systems that aren’t connected.  In other words, ERP can better prepare your company for Black Friday.

Here are a few of the ways ERP can make everything better for you.


Promotions and Deals

ERP centralises and simplifies your inventory control, which can be of great benefit when working out what sales you will have on Black Friday.

For instance, you can see which items you are overstocked and understocked on.  This way, you can put any excess on sale to shift it.

It also means you can track what you are running low on in real-time so that you can better keep up with demand.  Because of this, your business will be more efficient in selling its products, and you could turn a better profit  because of ERP too.

ERP’s real-time data tracking extends beyond inventory, so you will be able to make lots of other quick but informed decisions.


Better Email Campaigns

Email campaigns drive lots of traffic for retailers during the holiday season.  However, organising these campaigns manually is time-consuming and tedious.  It’s time that would be better spent elsewhere during Black Friday, that’s for sure.

Fortunately, you can use ERP to simplify your email campaigns, freeing up a bit of time to focus on more important matters.  With ERP, you can personalise emails and target your campaigns to the right demographic with ease.

It will also give you real-time insights into how your emails have performed, helping you to maximise your ROI.


CRM & Marketing

With ERP’s CRM system, you can store customer data centrally, meaning you will market to consumers more effectively as you know them better.  Subsequently, you can create efficient strategies to entice your customers.  From here, you can also automate your marketing to free up even more time.


Omnichannel Efficiency

The quicker and easier a customer can interact with your brand, the better.  And with ERP, companies can optimise their omni-channel presence and infrastructure, enabling customers to buy products any way they wish, whether it’s over social media, your website, or the phone.

ERP enables you to manage all channels on one central platform, ensuring a better customer experience and better ROI for you.


For anyone who currently isn’t using ERP, what are you waiting for?

REading this, you might be a little too late to install ERP ahead of this year’s Black Friday, but with Christmas just around the corner, you should consider it!

Get on the ERP bandwagon and save yourself a lifetime of stress throughout Black Friday and beyond.

For more information on ERP, Get in touch.