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A Day in the Life of Frank the Finance Director

Meet Frank. Frank is the Finance Director of a large waste management company. He’s 46 years old, supervises all expenditures, and knows how to get things done.  He’s overseen the company tripling in size and currently manages a team of four people.

Frank would love to play Golf every weekend, but always ends up spending Sunday evenings planning the week ahead. Otherwise he knows he’ll spend the whole week playing catch-up.

He usually wakes up around 05:30. He has two cups of coffee, checks his emails during breakfast, and is always the first one in the office. He fires off a handful of important emails before the rest of the team stroll in at 09:00.

Every Friday he puts together a scrupulously prepared financial report and is also responsible for compiling a monthly, financial analysis, which he presents directly to the Managing Director. He’s become the most dependable pillar of the entire company and regularly sits in on board meetings.

Little Niggles

But even Frank sometimes has his doubts. He has more than 20 years of financial experience but realises that his job has evolved over the years. Working in a waste management company has added  a further dimension to his job, not least because of increasing regulation and the ever increasing risks of fines. It’s much more than simple transaction reporting, although sometimes it feels like that’s all he has time for. Today, Frank finds himself at the heart of almost any important decision, whether it be reactive or proactive. And, above all else, Frank is aware of the immense responsibility and the accountability that places on his shoulders. In short – if Frank’s having a bad day, everyone’s having a bad day.

Recently, he spends a lot of time thinking about new growth strategies. After all, Frank is a big picture thinker. He needs to be.

He knows the current systems and processes are outdated and would like to see the finance department integrate more efficiently with the rest of the business. At the moment, taking important decisions is an arduous and painstaking process, requiring manual processes and data analysis between systems that mean it takes far more time than he’d like it to, leaving him with the unfortunate burden of taking high-risk decisions at slow speeds.

The Future

He’s been thinking about ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning) as a useful tool to introduce real-time data analytics and insights to the company’s workflow and assist with financial decisions and business strategies. He knows the ROI alone should be enough to convince his Managing Director, but it would also make his job a lot easier and make decisions manageable. He’s more than a little frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm from various members of the board when he pitched the idea to them at the last monthly meeting.

That’s when he came across the comprehensive Wasteunity product, an integrated customer, collection scheduling and billing process. He particularly liked that customer invoices and Waste Transfer Notes are automatically generated and displayed in a customisable dashboard display. It would make reporting a breeze, speed up payments, and improve cash flow. He knows it has huge advantages and can help bring all the systems and processes together under the same roof.

A Tough Week

Frank is the last to leave the office again today. He easily works over 50 hours a week, but simply hates leaving work unfinished. But today is somewhat different than most days. Today Frank has a spring in his step and feels confident of the future.

He checks his mail again just to make sure he read it correctly. He smiles when he realises that he did.


Hi Frank,

Cheers for the Wasteunity Proposal. Happy to say that the board has just ratified it and we’re good to go. Look forward to seeing the positive changes it can bring to the company.

Managing Director



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