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Alternatives to Sage

9 Ways NetSuite is Better than Sage

NetSuite is Better than Sage


Here are 9 ways why:


  1. Collaborative working.  Sage is just a financial system.  It doesn’t allow for collaborative working across all departments.  NetSuite is real ERP where all departments make use of the business system.  What that means is that as a sales person raises a quote and pushes it through the pipeline to sales order, it immediately transfers across to the other teams who impact upon that order – such as warehouse for fulfillment and finance for invoice.  60% of Sage users report having problems sharing data within their company
  2. Real Time View of Your Business.  Following from point number one, this means that you always have an accurate real time view of your business without having to constantly consolidate.  As orders are placed, stock is drawn down and invoices are raised, all at the touch of a button.  That means you always know exactly “where you are”
  3. Quick Month End.  As a result of this collaborative way of working and the instant visibility of your business, your month end can be closed very quickly.  The average for NetSuite is 2 days.  90% of Sage customers report that a 2 day close isn’t possible.  For people using Sage, some report 10 days or longer!
  4. Multicompany Capability.  NetSuite has got an amazing multi company subsidiary roll up function which allows you to drill into any subsidiary or your HQ at the touch of a button.  Immediately, all your dashboards will re-render to show you specific financial data for that particular sub…live.  Sage can’t hold a candle to that
  5. Drill Down to Transactional Data with a Click of a Mouse.  NetSuite has been designed to allow you to get right down to the transaction responsible for the data – in other words, the order behind the report – within 3 clicks.  Some of our NetSuite customers reported that, when they used Sage, they weren’t even able to conduct a simple transaction  (such as an invoice amendment) once it had been committed.  Navigating round the system to get right to a single transaction within a few clicks is the motor equivalent of power steering, with automatic reverse and satellite navigation.
  6. Streamlined Business Process.  Siracom boss, David Thomson reported this as an “unexpected” bonus from NetSuite.    By removing the duplication of effort and cross consolidation, his business processes have been streamlined and efficiencies have been gained as a result.  He reports a 30% increase in sales but with only a marginal increase in headcount.
  7. Use it Anywhere.  It’s in the cloud so you can use it anywhere.  Log in from a mobile phone in the car or a lap top at home and continue transacting as though you were at your desk at work.  Only 15% of Sage customers report remote accessing whereas the average for NetSuite is nearly three times higher at 42%.
  8. Futureproof Your Business. Sage is a finance only system so you cannot expand it unless you upgrade to a different version of Sage. Ugrading your Sage software would mean conducting a re-implementation (rip and replace).  NetSuite has functionality beyond what you might need just now.  If your needs change you can essentially unlock extra functionality overnight while the rest of your business continues as normal.
  9. Look and Feel Like A Billion Dollar Company.  Image matters.  NetSuite is a top end product.  Why shouldn’t your business get the best?  And why shouldn’t your employees and customers not enjoy using a modern and exciting product?


To find out more about how to migrate from Sage to NetSuite get in touch

Written by Emma Stewart – Sales and Marketing Director at Cofficient