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disparate systems

5 Pitfalls of Using Multiple Business Management Tools

Nowadays, we live in a world defined by simplifying how we tackle the daily running of our day.  We are powered by all singing, all dancing technology that can save us both time and energy in our days.  And business software systems should be no different!

While technology is created to Fragmented systems improve your life, as the saying goes, ‘you can get too much of a good thing’. That’s where businesses using lots of different software systems have found themselves.

Each piece of software may fit its purpose for the job at hand, but it doesn’t necessarily help the bigger picture.

Deja vu data entry, restricted file access and a lack of vision on the running of daily business are just a few of the bumps in the road caused by multi-tool systems.

can lead to more confusion than calm.

Here we are sharing 5 of the common pains of fragmented systems and the effects they could be having on your business.

  1. Duplicated Work

    There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours on a document for all your hard work to be lost or edited.

    For many businesses jumping between multiple shared files and different platforms, this a reality they know too well.

    Human error does happen, and when working across a stream of software’s with their own particular rules and methods of organising data overlap, duplicated work is inevitable.

    Working without a consistent flow creates inconsistency in data.  No insight into what’s happening in other departments, or who’s done what can result in crucial information being overlooked or lost.  This uncertain and risky means of working is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Wasted Time

    Every business looking to grow will tell you just how valuable time is.  But those same businesses will also dread telling you the number of untold hours they spend, managing disparate information across multiple software systems.

    While inputting data into various systems takes up a chunk of business time.  The most significant strain your business hours will feel is when extracting data.

    The time spent hunting around multiple files and different platforms, to find the data you need, makes for nothing but a timely process.  Having no clear concept of how each aspect of your company is performing could lead to a waste in crucial business development time.

    With an all in one software system such as NetSuite, all data is in easy to use real-time dashboards.  Meaning your business can keep track of all that is going on and react and adapt.  Not only saving time but also allowing your business to act ahead of time.

  3. Cost

    Running multiple or sole software systems, of course, comes at a cost. But for small and medium-sized businesses, the implementation, integration and upkeep of numerous applications can rapidly eat into an already limited budget.

    But it’s not just the running expense of multiple software, where the real cost lies are in risk of missed opportunity.

    By combining all business technology into one single platform, not only can a business cut the cost of maintaining several applications but also increase their chances of making money.

    So, spend less and make more? That is a no brainer for any business savvy mind.

  4. Disconnected Data

    The use of multiple software applications separates data within not only a business but also the teams who are working within.

    With each team from sales, marketing and support working as separate entities, information is unable to flow or flows too late.

    By the time the information reaches the right person, the opportunity is lost.

    By opening those watertight doors, a single system allows information to flow freely across each point of a business.

    That not only helps each team to know what’s going on across the company but also leaves teams perfectly poised to strike when the iron is hot.

  5. Poor Customer Service

    There is nothing more frustrating for customers with a problem than a broken service.

    I’m sure we have all experienced having the same conversations with multiple members of a company.

    Asking ourselves: ‘can they not talk to one another?”.  Reducing the confidence your customer has in the service your business can provide, and in turn, jeopardises the reputation of your business.

    Having all unique customer data stored in one place allows all aspects of the company to jump in and find the answers they need on the spot.

    When your sales, marketing and customer service teams are all singing from the same hymn sheet, their ability to nurture opportunities increases.  Leads can be chased, up-sales made, and customers nurtured with personalised service.



If your business is feeling the strain of any of these pains, now is the time for a change.  Get to know the benefits of uniting your systems into one easy to use, comprehensive and insightful business system.

Get in touch to find out more about NetSuite by watching our on-demand webinars.  These will help you get a bigger picture of how a single system could be the answer to all your business prayers!

Access the webinars here.