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4 Ways SAP Business ByDesign Increases Business Visibility

4 Ways SAP Business ByDesign Increases Business Visibility

The more you know about your business, the better you can adapt to changing circumstances. Business intelligence and granular insights allow you to monitor progress and adapt your strategy, which is a crucial component of any growth model.

The vast majority of our clients, many of which operate in niche and unique sectors, share one common trait: a desire to increase business visibility.  Many of them turn to SAP Business ByDesign because it provides a logistical framework that facilitates business scaling on an operational level. The inefficiencies it resolves means your business can scale your existing operations without necessarily requiring more investment.

This is the beauty of tailored business software – you get more out of what you already have.  Read on to discover the 4 ways SAP increases business visibility.

Financial Reports

A solid financial performance is crucial to sustained business growth.  More importantly, you need your financial data to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your business processes.  Financial management with SAP is easy, as it breaks down payables, receivables, inventories, and supplier payments into an easily digestible dashboard.

This allows you to forecast cashflow without using estimates, while also automating a lot of the payment processes, which can help reduce errors and minimise costs.

All the while, you, your accountant, and your stakeholders have total visibility over what’s going on. Spot a business risk? SAP Financials lets you identify it, fix it, and move on.

Understand the Sales Cycle

SAP Business ByDesign allows you to dive deep into your sales cycle so you can qualify leads efficiently.  Better yet, activity management facilitates the identification of new opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, which can add significant value to existing customers.  SAP also provides visibility about product availability, outstanding quotes and the status of sales requests, all of which can be managed in one central location by your sales team.

Your CRM also enables you to make accurate sales forecasts, which means you can plot your future growth using accurate historical data, and not just hunches.

Customer Centric Software

Visibility is one thing, but it is imperative that you ensure you have visibility over the most important elements within your business.  For most corporations, this is undoubtedly their customer and client base.  They are the bread and butter of your organisation and you need to put them at the very heart of what you do.  SAP Business ByDesign offers one of the more customer-centric ERP systems currently available on the market.

Customer data is available at the click of a button.  For example, if your business liaises with various global branches and departments – like sales, finance, shipping, and distribution – you can ensure that all these elements flow seamlessly from one to the next.  This allows you to optimise your sales cycle, which provides an optimal customer experience.

Customer knowledge and understanding therefore doesn’t solely rely on building personal relationships between sales representatives and customers, but on systematic efficiencies which provide replicable results without fail.  This customer analysis also feeds your understanding of your buyer persona’s, which helps shorten your sales cycle and boost your marketing efficiency.

Real-Time Analytics

SAP Business ByDesign takes business insights to a next level.  Embedded analytics and in-depth performance metrics are just the start.

A key asset of its intuitive interface is the ability to assign role-based dashboards, which provide access to relevant metrics for individual users.  This allows you to assign analytical responsibility to certain business departments, but it also helps control the flow of data and information throughout your organisation.

And when we say real-time, we mean real-time.  No more refreshing dashboards and inconvenient loading times.  Real-time insights, all the time.

Accommodating Growth

SAP Business ByDesign is the ultimate tool for mid-sized companies that are looking to grow.  Not only does it enable you to maintain visibility, but it ensures that all the other vital elements of a modern business are taken care of.  From security to scaling and compliance, SAP ByDesign has got you covered.

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