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4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an ERP System

Do you feel as if you’re in an endless loop with your company’s business software?  Constantly switching between programs to complete even the most basic tasks is time-consuming, not to mention frustrating.  Luckily, there’s a solution: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems help streamline operations and drive business growth.  If this sounds like something your company could use, read on for details on why you need an ERP system and three benefits of implementing one.


  1. Help drive business growth – any time you’re trying to make a business more efficient, you’re also helping it grow.  Growing your business is the number one reason why you’d want to implement an ERP system.  The software helps you make better use of your human and capital resources, which means you can expand while also maintaining high service levels.  You can also tap into new markets with increased confidence.
  2. Streamline operations – An ERP system can help you reduce errors and inefficiencies in your operations by standardising processes and using data to drive decisions.  For example, you can use the data in your system to understand which resources are being used the most and which are underused, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.  This can help you reduce costs, increase productivity and make better use of your employees; time.  When it comes to automating processes, an ERP system fives you the ability to standardise workflows and use rules to govern how data is entered and where it’s shared.  Having a central database means everyone in your organisation can access the same information, which is especially key in the sales and service departments.
  3. Reduce risk and increase efficiency – With an ERP system, you can access real-time data across your entire organisation, which can help you make better decisions and reduce risk across the board.  For example, you can see if your sales team is meeting their quotas, if there are issues with inventory or if customers are experiencing any issues with shipping.  This insight can help you resolve issues quickly and even prevent them from happening in the first place.  Want to reduce risk even more?  Make sure your ERP solution has built-in compliance features.  This will allow your company to meet industry regulations, manage risk and stay compliant across the board.
  4. Increase visibility – An ERP system can help you boost visibility across your entire organisation, from the boardroom to the warehouse floor.  This can help your entire team work together more effectively and in a more coordinated way, which can create a ripple effect that helps drive business growth even further.  For example, your sales team can see what inventory is available and where it’s located, which helps them target customers with the right products and services.  And customer service representatives can access the same information to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


Enterprise resource planning systems are incredibly helpful for any business that wants to increase productivity and drive growth.  An ERP system will allow you to streamline operations and reduce risk, which will help you make better decisions and increase visibility across your organisation.  It’s a definite win-win for any businesses looking to scale this year.  At Cofficient, we can provide you with bespoke packages and our specialist team offers support every step of the way.  Contact us today to start your journey.