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12 Random Facts About Cofficient

Paul Grant was recently challenged by Mark Connolly at Marketing Mavens to write 12 interesting facts about Cofficient, so here goes……..


1 – We are the only company in the UK to do both NetSuite and SAP.  Honest,  objective and unbiased.

2 – Our company was born on a leap year.  We’re technically only 3 years old. But we’ve squeezed a huge amount of experience into that time.

3 – We have a recruitment ban on anyone called Paul. (That’s no breaking any rules is it?)

4 – Our marketing manager is actually called Alison Grant not Alison Auld….we got married, but don’t tell anyone.

5 – 90% of all data ever generated in the world was created in the past two years.  Cofficient is attempting to help clients turn their data into actionable insights.

6 – We care about our community. Our software is free if you are a registered charity.  We are particularly proud of supporting homeless charity Simon Community. They use the technology for their service users to amazing effect.

7 – One of our directors “invented” the 5 ferry challenge. Chamois butter anyone?

8 – Our smallest customer is a single user CRM system. Our largest is a £500m turnover AIM listed plc trading in over 15 countries worldwide.  But they are all precious and important to us, regardless of size.

9 – One of our colleagues has represented Scotland’s national team for rugby and lacrosse.  Carolyn is a team player. We’re strong believers in the power of team.

10 – We value our families, customers and staff more than our revenues.  The three dimensions of any of our implementations are people, processes and systems. In reality,  the most important one is the people. We never lose sight of this.

11 – Our business name is not a spelling mistake. Cofficient is a play on two words; co-mpany and efficient. This is what we want to bring to our customers.

12 – Marketing Mavens have provided brilliant marketing support to Cofficient for over two years.  My random facts would look prettier but that’s what Mark would usually do and it didn’t seem fair that he challenged us and polished up our post!

As this is a social media chain mail, I’m challenging Scot Mcrae, Iain Mackay, Jeff Morrison, David Selby and Paul Harkins to come up with 12 interesting facts about their business.